September 22, 2023

Young & Restless: Will Victoria Leave Newman Enterprises?


Young & Restless’ Victoria has been none too pleased about the recent turn of events at Newman Enterprises and things are only going to go from bad to worse.

Victoria, who has been running the empire for quite some time now while her father, Victor, has been enjoying semi-retirement, was stunned to hear that the Black Knight she calls “daddy” would not only be returning to work, but reclaiming the coveted CEO seat.

In what seemed like mere moments after her demotion to co-CEO, Victor had dispensed with Victoria’s portrait and replaced it with his own. He then cornered Victoria’s lover, Nate, and grilled him about his daughter’s plans.

Nate hedged his bets by answering Victor’s questions respectfully whilst still protecting his girlfriend, who was across town working an agenda — convincing her mother than Victor was losing it and that his health would be compromised by returning to helm Newman Enterprises.

While Nikki was persuaded enough to suggest she and Victor take a vacation, it’s no suprise that the Mustache wasn’t eager to sign on. He’s bent on repairing his fractured company, which is now moving forward without one of his children (Nick’s gone to work with Sharon at Kirsten Incorporated) and with another — the black sheep, Adam — likely set to do his penance by starting from the ground up in the mailroom.

Victoria, meanwhile, is incensed that her father has demoted her and a clash of the titans, as it were, is coming.

Per a preview in SOD, Victoria is taking the changes at Newman Enterprises personally and “cannot help but feel dismissed and hurt by her father.” Let’s not forget, not only did Victor come out of retirement to take the reins once again, but he played musical positions with the company’s executives without consulting Victoria.
Victoria Y&R

So, when the two square off, and Victor claims this is all about family unity, Victoria counters by blaming her father for Nick leaving the fold. Unsurprisingly, “Their conversation turns very heated.”

Where things take a shocking turn is how far things go during the argument.

While Victor loves his daughter and bursts with pride at her accomplishments, he won’t be disrespected and levels a warning. Victoria will undoubtedly be stunned when her father advises her that “if she can’t accept what’s he doing, then she’s free to leave the company.”
Victor YR

It’s bound to go over like a slap to the face after Victoria’s dedication to the company and it goes without saying that the exchange will leave her with a dilemma.

According to Young & Restless headwriter Josh Griffith, “Victoria is shocked that her years of hard work and leadership are being so easily discarded, and now she’s left with a tough decision.”

It gets worse. Even if Victoria decides to stay in that moment, she’s about to discover that “Victor’s changes at Newman Enterprises are just beginning as he will stop at nothing to protect his legacy.”

Who will be left standing at Newman after this showdown?! We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Victoria’s dilemma in the comment section. But first, look over the Newman family photo album in the gallery below.

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