December 11, 2023

Young & Restless Recap: Ashley and Tucker are Getting Married


At Sharon’s place, Nick tells her to check on Faith while he makes sure everything’s locked up. He goes on that they can’t get comfortable, which would give Cameron the opportunity to he needs. Sharon blurts, “Nicholas! Calm down.” She doesn’t want to alarm Faith. Nick agrees that’s probably best. Sharon tells him they can’t freak out about Cameron. They must remain calm and rational. She won’t let them make the same mistakes they did last time.

In his suite, Cameron dons a ballcap, grabs his jacket and heads out.

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At Society, Tucker tells Ashley he’s in his happy place and she should join him. She can’t while Diane Jenkins is… Tucker hollers, “Diane Jenkins!” He wants to fly off somewhere but she can’t walk away from this fight. Tucker replies, “Alright, so you’re not afraid of Diane Jenkins. I am. If you’re not careful you’re going to strangle her and be fitted with your own ankle monitor.” Ashley informs Tucker that Diane is unfinished business for her and she can’t focus on anything else until she deals with her. She needs his help. Tucker finds this aggressive. Ash insists she’s doing this for all the right reasons. Tucker asks if she really believes Diane is after Jabot. She thinks Diane will convince Jack to give her a position she’s not qualified for and use it to claw her way to the top. “That’s why I spoke to the board.” Tucker points out she’s weaponized the board against Jack to save Jack. Ashley says it’s the only way.

In Neil’s jazz club, Diane tells Jack he can take her home but not yet… she never wants this date to end. Jack will hold her in his arms as long as he wants. They sit and Diane tells Jack he’s made this possible with his love, compassion, and patience. She gets choked up as she recalls how hard it was for him to trust her. She just wanted to be worthy of it. Jack has never loved her more and is excited about their future. Diane gushes about falling for him again, which helped her find compassion of her own… even for Phyllis. As angry as she is with her, she also pities her. Jack turns the conversation to setting a wedding date. “When can we be pronounced husband and wife?”

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In Phyllis’s suite, Kyle asks, “What the hell is Phyllis doing here?” His mother-in-law smirks as Kyle declares that they are going to the police station right now so she can turn herself in. Summer knows this is a huge shock… she’s just getting used to seeing her mom in the flesh herself. Kyle asks how long her mother has been there. Summer asks Daniel to wait in the hallway in case someone else comes. He exits. Kyle blusters at Phyllis, “Summer was broken because of you, my mother was facing life in prison because of you.” Phyllis mocks, “Aww, your mom’s so innocent isn’t she? She’s never committed a crime or hurt anybody or put anyone through pain. I’m sorry, Kyle, I really am.” She knows she’s put a lot of people through pain and she’s so sorry. Phyllis wants to make amends and wants to make things right.
Phyllis Daniel Kyle Summer Y&R

At Sharon’s place, she tells Nick that Faith is on high alert but snuggling with Borgnine, who makes her feel safer. Nick wants to hunt down Cameron and run him out of town. Sharon protests, “Nick…” He knows he has to stay calm but it’s hard knowing the mad man is on the loose. Sharon thinks maybe it’s time to let Victor and Nikki know what’s happening.

Nick has already alerted ranch security and warns if they bring his dad into this it will turn into a whole different situation. Sharon points out that he has resources they don’t. Nick fears he’ll use it as leverage to get him to work with Adam at McCall. “We already have the police on this, Sharon.” She says they’ve come up with nothing on Cameron so far. “Nick, if you take matters into your own hands, I don’t know if we will be as lucky as we were last time.” She thinks they should have worked with Victor from the start last time. They know who Cameron is and what he’s capable of and they need his father.
Nick Sharon Y&R

At Society, Tucker tells Ashley if he’s going to ride shotgun on this thing, he’ll need to look at every angle. It will be difficult to convince the board to turn against Jack. Ashley concedes it will take some serious finessing but no one does that better than him. Tucker warns she could lose her family. Ashley isn’t going to fail… it won’t happen. Diane will lose her access to respectability to power and will lose interest in Jack and move on to the next Jeremy Stark. She’ll save her brother and her family and Diane will get a long overdue karmic kick in the ass. Tucker muses, “Alright. I’m in.” But he has a suggestion. “We get married immediately.”

At the jazz lounge, Diane tells Jack she’d like a small but elegant wedding and she’d like Harrison to be their ring-bearer. Jack warns he’ll steal the show. Diane would also like to walk down the aisle together… that’s how they’ve done everything since he let her back into his life. Jack loves this. Diane has one other idea. If she’ll accept, she’d like Summer to be her matron of honor.
Diane Jack Y&R

In Phyllis’ suite, she tells Kyle she will accept punishment for what she did, but no police until she clears her name. Kyle fumes, “And there it is. You’ve made it about saving your own ass.” Phyllis insists she’s about doing the right thing, like his mom did. She’ll start by admitting she resented his mother… she had everything Phyllis wanted. She had a son who loved her and her kids wanted nothing to do with her. “I was completely alone and then Jeremy Stark started whispering in my ear.” She admits she wanted Diane hurt and so she gave in to Jeremy’s plan. Kyle says, “So, you’re a victim.” Phyllis says yes. Stark took advantage of her when she was vulnerable just as he did his mother. Phyllis tells Kyle she killed Jeremy in self-defense. He snaps, “Your word against a dead man’s.” Phyllis insists it’s true, “It was self-defense. And that’s why I need more time.” She pleads with him, “Kyle, please. It’s in your hands right now.”
Phyllis Summer Kyle Y&R

Kyle asks how Phyllis plans to clear her name or stay hidden at the GCAC. Phyllis couldn’t stay away. “I couldn’t be away from my babies,” she says, hugging Summer. It gave her comfort knowing they were near. Summer tells her husband she can’t lose her mom… she knows how that feels. Phyllis reminds Kyle how angry he was with his mother when she came back from the dead. It took time but they’ve built a beautiful relationship. Kyle says, “It’s totally different.” Phyllis says, “Well, your mom was gone for years and years.” She pushes the similarities and asks again for time. Kyle watched Summer cry herself to sleep and fumes, “You did that. And then you magically reappear with all your tears and your victim mode and your apologies and you expect Summer to risk it all to help you avoid a punishment you deserve.” He rants about aiding and abetting and says they could all go to jail. “Have either of you thought about that?!”

At Sharon’s place, she and Nick break the news to Nikki and Victor that Cameron Kirsten is back in Genoa City. Nikki gasps, “No!” Sharon details the gifts she mysteriously received. Victor asks if she’s seen him. Sharon says he showed up at the coffee shop tonight, but the scary thing is he approached Faith in Chancellor Park. Victor asks if they’ve called the cops. Nick says Chance filled them in on what Cameron’s been up to. They’re looking for him. but so far… nothing. Nikki wants Sharon and Faith to stay with them for the night. Sharon thanks them for the offer but it’s up to Faith. Victor promises he’ll do everything he can to keep them safe.
Nick Sharon Nikki Y&R

In Phyllis’s suite, Kyle asks Summer how they’d explain it to Harrison if she goes to jail. Summer argues her mother deserves a fighting chance. If they can’t clear her she’ll be at the mercy of Christine and that’s not justice. Kyle will never forgive Phyllis for this. She vows to make this right, she just needs time. Kyle rolls his eyes, “You are relentless.” He finally concedes, “No cops. For now.” He exits and Summer runs after him. Daniel rejoins Phyllis and remarks, “Not what you had planned, huh?” She says, “No. Not at all.”

In Neil’s jazz lounge, Jack tells Diane that Summer is unlikely to accept and be her matron of honor. He doesn’t want her to get her feelings hurt. Diane wants to do what her heart feels is right and that includes being there for Summer. She wants to go home and make love to her husband-to-be. Jack loves that idea.

At Society, Ashley finds it strange that Tucker is so laser-focused on getting married. Tucker wants the validation… and the ring on his finger that tells the ladies he’s out of circulation. Ashley wryly notes the ring didn’t keep him from circulating before. Tucker protests, “I know, I know.” He knows what it’s like to lose her now, so he’s not going to let that happen. When she sets the date and says the vows from her heart, he’ll know it’s forever. He tells her the kicker is that marrying her will give him the legal maneuverability to take over Jabot and totally throw Jack and Diane off their game.

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In Phyllis’s suite, she worries about Daniel. She’s a mom even though he thinks she’s a vindictive psychopath most of the time. Daniel chuckles. He recalls attacking Stark at the gala. He hated himself and the world because she wasn’t in it, but she was. She saw him at the memorial grieving and feeling pain and she just let him feel that. Phyllis says, “I did. I’m sorry. I’m lucky you’re talking to me, I know that. I know I’ve put you through pain, it kills me.” She’ll let him talk about it even if it takes a year. Daniel loves her and is so glad she’s back, but forgiving her?! He can’t believe she would do the things she did to her children.

At the Abbott house, Summer remarks on how shocking it was to see her mother. Kyle says she didn’t seem shocked. She came face to face with the parent she mourned for months and she was so calm. “It might sound crazy, but it was almost like you were more shocked to see me than Phyllis.” Suddenly, Kyle intones, “How long have you known Phyllis was alive?”
Kyle Summer Y&R

At Sharon’s place, Victor instructs his security to be outside the door 24/7 and patrol the perimeter at all times. The man leaves and Nick reports that the team is tracking Cameron’s whereabouts. Nikki appears on the stairs and says Faith refused to sleep up at the main house. Sharon thanks Victor, who urges her and Faith to get some sleep. He’ll make certain someone is watching the house at all times.

Cameron returns to his suite and places his hat, shoes, and shirt in a black garbage bag.

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In her suite, Phyllis tells Daniel she doesn’t really understand why she does some of the things she does. She does know she hurt the two people she loves most in the world and put herself in a personal hell. “I’m going to make it up to you, I just can’t do it from a prison cell.” She can’t go to prison. She’s done running and will never be separated from her family again. “Do you believe me?” Daniel pulls her into an embrace.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Diane arrive before Summer can reply to Kyle’s accusations. Diane knows it must be hard for Summer to watch them celebrating, but she’s sure Phyllis will get the support she needs for whatever’s ahead… she should… for Summer and Daniel. Diane’s just glad Summer has Kyle to lean on. Love and trust can move mountains. The door opens and Ashley and Tucker roll in, laughing. Tucker declares that they have to toast the fact that this miracle of a woman has agreed to marry him all over again. Ashley and Tucker tipsily drink from a bottle of champagne as everyone exchanges uncomfortable and incredulous looks.
Ashley Tucker pop Y&R

At Sharon’s place, Nick tells her that knowing Cameron is out there is making his skin crawl. Sharon assures her ex that Kirsten doesn’t stand a chance. Nick gets a message. It’s from his dad. One of his security team was found drugged and tied up at Newman Towers… and his uniform was missing. Sharon looks horrified.

In his suite, Cameron opens his backpack and takes out the Newman security guard’s uniform, his radio, and his badge.
Cameron Y&R

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