December 11, 2023

Who does Katelyn Rose Downey play in The Nun 2?


When a big movie comes out and there’s new actors introduced, this can help lead those talents to becoming a breakout star. One young actress who really stands out in The Nun 2 is Katelyn Rose Downey. Who does she play in the new horror movie?

The 14-year-old is still pretty new to the industry, with not many acting credits under her belt just yet. But we know a star when we see one! Her previous work includes playing Violet in the Hulu movie The Princess, and taking on the role of Caitlin Mohan in the Irish thriller television series, Clean Sweepper IMDb, . The Irish actress was born Feb. 15, 2009.

Other than those two roles, The Nun II is the third one added to her roster. And she does such a great job. So who does Downey portray in the horror film? Read on to find out! *Be aware of spoilers below.*

The Nun 2, in theaters Sept. 8, 2023

Who does Katelyn Rose Downey play in The Nun 2?

* Spoilers below *

Katelyn Rose Downey plays Sophie in The Nun 2. She is the daughter of Kate, portrayed by The Chronicles of Narnia actress Anna Katherine Popplewell. Kate is a teacher at the all-girls boarding school in France, where the movie takes place and that Sophie attends.

She develops a close friendship with Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet), who has a massive crush on her mother. The mother and daughter play a crucial role in helping Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) take down the vicious nun. The trio have to find St. Lucy’s eyes to do so. After Valak/The Nun, possessing Frenchie’s body at this point, knocks Kate and Irene down, Sophie is the young hero of the story and runs up to the bell tower with St. Lucy’s eyes.

They start to light up, which gets the supernatural beast angry and Sophie becomes its target. This causes the bell tower to crumble. Sister Irene and Debra go to help the young girl, and its through prayer and the power of St. Lucy’s eyes that Valak disappears for now. We end the movie with Frenchie holding the hands of both Kate and Sophie, the trio walking together as a family. Though they’re sure to take away some scars after the horrific events they went through.

The Nun 2 is now playing in theaters.

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