June 3, 2023

Which Stocks Have Growth Potential in 2022?

Which Stocks Have Growth Potential in 2022?

Which Stocks Have Growth Potential in 2022?

Traders and investors always want to take advantage, especially in 2022. The new year promises new hopes and opportunities. Zscaler, Axcelis Technologies, and Innovative Industrial Properties will provide fundamental strength. Late last year, the Federal Reserve held its final meeting. The central bank said it would speed up the reduction process and provide more information on rising interest rates.

Since December 15, the S&P 500 has risen 1.9% on the Santa Claus stock, which has been increased in steam this week and last week. These gains came out on December 17 and 20 despite a sharp decline; For fear of an upgraded Covid.

One of the essential topics for 2021 is companies recording strong sales and revenues compared to the dramatic 2020. Growth estimates for 2022 are lower because the annual comparison is much more challenging at this point.

Innovative Industrial Properties action builds consolidation with 19% peak adjustment; Additionally, this month’s market rally tandem forms on the right side of the base. Revenue has been growing at double and triple rates in the last eight quarters.

Throughout the year, analysts expect earnings of $ 6.63 per share. It was increased by 36% compared to 2020. Annual revenue growth has accelerated over the last three years. This is after the company started reporting after going public in late 2016.

It is noteworthy that Wall Street sees a 35% increase in revenue in 2022. This puts IIPR in the ranks of quality companies that will bring more robust profits shortly. The IIPR has the added benefit of transferring revenue to investors. Additionally, it can perform some delays even during adjustments. Earlier this month, the company announced a dividend of $1.50 for the fourth quarter of 2021. This is equivalent to an annual dividend of $6.00 per share.

Growth Potential in 2022

Zscaler is a cloud-based cybersecurity specialist. This means that enterprise customers are exempt from installing security software on employee devices for a workforce that is becoming increasingly distant. Also, for businesses that rely on a growing number of applications, Zscaler is a good choice for cybersecurity.

We can see customer enthusiasm in revenue figures. Sales grew from 36% to 62% in the last eight quarters. Revenue growth was slightly sharper. However, the fact is, the company has been consistently profitable since 2019. Zscaler increased revenue in 2020 as more businesses went far considering the business model. Analysts predict that payment will remain stable in fiscal 2022—namely, $0.52 per share. Fiscal 2023 should rise to $0.93 per share, a total increase of 79%.

The stock is currently trading at a low of $376.11 on November 19. In recent weeks, an upward trend has been observed as the broader market is higher.

Axcelis Technologies is another fast-growing technology with robust estimates for next year’s revenue. With a market capitalization of $2.435 billion, the semiconductor designer and manufacturer are on the brink of small and medium capital. It is not uncommon to notice a higher beta. This means more variability. Axcelis has a beta of 2.65. This means that it is significantly more volatile than the broader market.

However, volatility in an upward direction could benefit investors. Axcelis is proud of 151.92% from the day of the year. This violates not only the S&P 500 by 27.08%; As well as 23.66% of the average capital of the S&P 400; S&P 600 Small Capital Index Return by 16.62%. Revenue rose from 2% to 65% in the last eight quarters; With double-digit growth in the previous seven quarters. Profits grew at double-digit and triple-digit rates during that time.


According to revenue data, Axcelis led the way in the last seven quarters with seven. The only exception was the quarter, which ended in December 2020. The company met the profit vision while surpassing the bottom. Analysts see earnings rising 84% to 2.08 per share; It also increased by 40% to $3.74 in 2022.

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