September 25, 2023

What’s next for Omar Adom “OA” Zidan on FBI Season 6?


OA went through some tough times in FBI Season 5. So what can be next for our intrepid agent in FBI Season 6?

Season 5 was a roller coaster for Omar Adom “OA” Zidan (Zeeko Zaki). He was already in a funk as regular partner Maggie was recovering from her sarin gas attack in Season 4, and he was partnered with Nina Chase. A powerful episode had OA mugged on his way to work and dealing with the aftermath. He seemed afraid of coming forward about it but eventually decided to.

When Maggie returned, OA could tell she hadn’t fully recovered mentally from her near-death experience. He and Maggie had it out about it, with OA forcing Maggie to get some therapy or he’d report her. Another case had OA shot, not badly wounded but still affecting him.

OA was also hit in his personal life when he realized his investments in cryptocurrency were going badly, affecting his finances. He was tempted to take out a huge loan until realizing that was the same mentality that led to a suspect’s downfall, he decided to ride it out.

So, with so much going on for OA in the last season, can Season 6 cut him a break?

What’s coming for OA on FBI Season 6?

Right now, FBI is on hiatus due to the ongoing strikes across Hollywood, so no word on when Season 6 premieres. OA hopefully can bounce back after so much trauma in the last season. It’s up in the air on issues like his finances and if he’s moved on to a new girlfriend after a breakup in Season 4.

OA has wrestled with his faith a couple of times on FBI and that might come up again in the coming year. At least he and Maggie are on better terms in their partnership, as OA wants to help Maggie recover from her ordeal.

So, while Season 5 put OA through a huge wringer, hopefully, Season 6 turns the tide and gets him back on top as a major face on FBI.

FBI Seasons 1-5 streaming on Paramount+.

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