May 29, 2023

What really goes on behind the scenes


Farmer Wants a Wife Australia may be touted as the most “wholesome” of reality TV dating shows, but there’s a whole lotta spicy behind-the-scenes tea that fans may not be aware of.

From instant connections to cheeky smooches under the stars on faraway farms, there are plenty of reasons fans have tuned into the hit series for 13 seasons and counting.

However, there are still a lot of unknowns that go into making Farmer Wants a Wife. And thanks to several So Dramatic! sources, we’ve got the scoop on WTF goes down when the cameras aren’t rolling.

There’s a whole lotta spicy behind-the-scenes tea that Farmer Wants a Wife Australia fans may not be aware of. Source: Seven

How much do the suitors earn while on Farmer Wants a Wife?

It’s no secret that people get paid jacksh*t to appear on reality TV, and Farmer Wants a Wife is no different!

Farmer Andrew‘s suitor, Lucie, revealed in episode 292 of the So Dramatic! podcast that the gals don’t even crack $100 a day!

“We’re only getting paid 80 bucks for the day,” she confessed. “Like, it’s such a joke.”

What’s more, is that the cast was made to sign a “tax form” that declared the show was just a “hobby”, rather than a source of income.

Sounds a lil’ dodgy but okay…

lucie farmer wants a wife
Farmer Andrew’s suitor Lucie said the cast is only paid $80 a day. Source: Seven

Despite the minimum pay, Lucie said the show was “really good with breaks”. However, it had more to do with the crew than the participants.

“Everything is timed for the crew. The crew must have a really good union,” she said. “It actually makes it better for the cast because the crew can only work for a certain amount of hours.

“They have to get things rolling because they have to stop at a certain time, then they need to have a certain amount of hours of break [before] the next day.”

She concluded: “That’s the most organised part of the whole [show].”

There are limits to how much alcohol the cast of Farmer Wants a Wife can drink

Lucie admitted that while she “love[s] a wine”, there were strict limits on the amount of alcohol the contestants could drink at any one time.

“You’re allowed one drink an hour at functions,” she explained of events such as the Country Ball.

“Then, when you went to dinner on the farm, you had two drinks the whole night. That’s it.”

farmer wants a wife dinner alcohol
The contestants were only allowed “two drinks” when having dinner on the farm. Source: Seven

However, there was an instance when those on Farmer Andrew’s farm managed to “smuggle alcohol”.

“Andrew went and bought it,” Lucie revealed. LOL!

“Our house [executive producer] followed us and she took it all,” she continued. “We were in so much trouble.”

Farmer Wants a Wife producers control what the farmers say

As reported in episode 289 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one contestant said that producers meddle a whole lot.

“The farmers wear earpieces and are even told what to say by producers,” they confessed.

Adding that the “producers are quite intimidating”, the source detailed how her experience went.

A source revealed that “farmers wear earpieces” and are “told what to say by producers”. Source: Seven

“They try to stand over you and make you feel like the size of a fly and beat their chest saying we’ve got all the power,” they explained. “I had the worst experience of my life on there.

“I was forever in arguments with production the whole way through. I’ve never felt so insecure in myself my whole entire life after dealing with them.”

The contestants don’t participate in farmwork beyond what you see on TV

In a tell-all episode of So Dramatic!, Brad’s “runaway” suitor Corista revealed that the gals aren’t allowed to do any farmwork beyond what they film on their dates.

Discussing the day-to-day lifestyle, the public servant said the farmers wouldn’t be around as they had “some jobs [they] need to get done”.

“Obviously the farm needs to keep running [but] we’re not actually allowed to help,” she said. “It’s like a danger thing.”

corista farmer wants a wife
Contestant Corista told So Dramatic! they weren’t allowed to help on the farm. Source: Seven

Adding that the girls were “so bored out of [their] skulls”, they often offered to work on the farm to kill time.

“We’re like, ‘Can we help? Can we do things?’ And production were pretty strong with, ‘No, because it’s a risk of injury and [occupational health and safety]’ and everything like that.”

Okaaaay, so how are the fellas supposed to know whether their suitors can hack it on the farm?!

Producers have to approve outfits before each day of filming

Apparently, the Farmer Wants a Wife stars “never knew” what was on the agenda for any given day.

Corista told host Megan Pustetto that they often didn’t know when they’d start filming “until production rocked up”.

From there, they were briefed on what the day was going to look like before being tasked with “pick[ing] three outfits” that were then given the once over by wardrobe.

Farmer Wants a Wife contestants’ outfits are selected by production. Source: Seven

“We take our own clothes, and they would come back and pick an outfit,” she said.

“I know a lot of people get a bit a backlash for what they’re wearing at certain events, but the truth of it is, we don’t know what we’re doing.”

She added: “You’d wake up, you’d get ready, you’d have some brekkie. Production would pretty much roll in and tell you what we’re doing for the day and what we need wear.

“Then off we go.”

Sounds like our worst nightmare, TBH!

Farmer Wants a Wife producers’ fool-proof way to evoke jealousy from contestants

As reported in episode 218 of the So Dramatic! podcast, producers aren’t backwards in causing drama among the contestants.

In fact, one well-placed source from the 2022 season revealed that while the gals may not have been chosen for single dates, they were still present for the loved-up action.

farmer wants a wife dates
A 2022 source alleged that the girls are forced to watch the other dates “from cars hidden in the background”. Source: Seven

“The girls are all forced to watch the other dates from cars hidden in the background.” Umm, mi scusi?!

According to the source, the producers made the girls watch the other dates in order to get “more of an emotional reaction” from them.

“It’s a bit crazy and sociopathic,” they said. And no sh*t, Sherlock!

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