December 11, 2023

Urgent holiday warning for Brits visiting popular Spanish hotspots with Storm Oscar bringing heavy rain & brisk winds


AN urgent holiday warning has been issued to Brits visiting popular Spanish hotspots this week.

The Met Office says a storm is set to bring heavy rain and brisk winds to the usually balmy Canary Islands.


The Met Office has issued a holiday warning for Brits visiting Spain this weekCredit: Getty

Storm Oscar could also bring big waves and lead to flooding locally, the forecasters said.

In a weather warning posted to Twitter, the Met Office said: “Storm Oscar has been named by the Spanish Met Service.

“This low pressure will slowly move northwards over the coming days.

“Storm Oscar will bring heavy rain and brisk winds to the Canary Islands this week, leading to the risk of some localised flooding.”

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The forecasters posted a clip of the weather system moving over tourist hotspots like Santa Cruz de la Palma, Puerto de la Cruz, Las Palmas, Arrecife and Costa Calma in coming days.

It comes as Brits are set to bask in a 23C weekend, with glorious sunshine forecast.

The Met Office is predicting more days of summer bliss as we look forward to the weekend.

The week has started off with quite a cloudy forecast today, as much of the country experiences a grey Monday morning.

And tomorrow morning is looking to be the same with a slight chance of drizzle in the wind and single-figure temperatures making it “chilly”.

However gloomy conditions aren’t predicted to be here for very long.

As we enter this afternoon, temperatures of low 20s will hit around 4pm in the Midlands, south of England, Wales and Scotland.

And according to the Met Office’s Greg Dewhurst, the high pressure we had bringing in the hot weather over the weekend is expected to stay.

He said: “Looking at the pressure pattern for the next few days it does stay over the UK keeping it largely settled.

“However, we will continue to see low cloud push in from the North Sea, affecting eastern areas in particular.

“It’s a grey start for much of England, best of the sunshine further north and west.

“But through the day I’m hopeful the cloud will lift and break.”

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