May 29, 2023

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January 27, 2023

Has the Earth’s inner core stopped turning? A new study draws attention to what’s going on 3,000 miles below our feet. This Friday, we’ll examine why scientists are debating seismic records to better understand what’s happening at the core of it all. We’ll then travel to rural China where many families are reuniting for the first time in years during the first week of the Lunar New Year. Join us for a firsthand look at the world’s largest annual human migration. And last up this week, we’ll visit Antarctica to get a bird’s eye view of a massive iceberg roughly the size of London.


1. What items did the U.S. Department of Justice seize at President Biden’s Delaware home last Friday?

2. What is the name of the World Heritage site in Peru that is currently closed due to anti-government protests?

3. What ticket company, which is owned by Live Nation Entertainment, had a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week?

4. A ticket debacle for a tour by what celebrity pop singer led to the above hearing?

5. What technology company was sued this week by the U.S. Justice Department and eight states?

6. This week a giant city-sized iceberg split off an ice shelf in what part of the world?

7. On Tuesday’s episode, we featured a Guinness World Record involving what food item?

8. What is the process where pieces of ice break away from a glacier and create an iceberg?

9. What animal is the symbol of the 2023 Chinese Lunar New Year?

10. According to a new study released this week, which part of Earth may have stopped turning?

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