February 20, 2024

These 3 OnlyFans stars made the most money so far in 2024


Conceived by British tech entrepreneur and investor Timothy Stokely, OnlyFans offers a distinctive platform where content creators can restrict access to their creations behind paywalls. 

Subsequently, fans of specific content creators are prompted to pay either a monthly subscription fee or a one-time tip to gain access to the locked content.

OnlyFans became viral during the pandemic, with 210 million users globally and 500,000 new daily sign-ups. It hosts 2.1 million content creators, with top earners making $100,000 monthly. OnlyFans retains 20% of subscription sales, paying creators over $2 billion since its creation. 

Considering this data, Finbold compiled the list of 3 OnlyFans stars who made the most money from their content since 2024.

Blac Chyna

Angela Renée White, professionally known as Blac Chyna, is a reality television personality and social media entrepreneur who ventured into OnlyFans as a creator in April 2020. She has shared 155 posts on her OnlyFans page, garnering approximately 16,000 likes. 

With a substantial following of 16.1 million on Instagram, she has directed her audience towards exclusive content on her OnlyFans page, accessible through a monthly subscription fee of $19.99. Consequently, her earnings on OnlyFans have propelled her to the forefront of top earners on the platform, even after she left in December 2023.

She generates a monthly earning of $20 million through her activities on OnlyFans. 

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, an American model, actress, writer, and singer, became a member of OnlyFans in August 2019. Her debut on the platform was marked by posting a video montage on her Instagram account, where she announced her presence on OnlyFans. 

Almost immediately, she gained widespread attention by becoming the first content creator and influencer on OnlyFans to generate $1 million in revenue within just 24 hours of joining the platform. 

With a substantial following of 24.3 million followers, she previously maintained a subscription fee of $9.99, resulting in a monthly revenue of $11 million. However, her account’s subscription has recently been transitioned to a no-cost model.

Cardi B

Cardi B joined OnlyFans during the summer of 2020. Her decision to join the platform was motivated by a desire to dispel rumors, offer exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and provide glimpses into her life for her OnlyFans subscribers.

Despite posting only six times since her debut, the rapper has amassed an impressive following of over 81 million subscribers on the platform. Despite offering her subscription at a lower rate than other creators, she has secured the third position among the top earners on OnlyFans.

With a monthly earning totaling $9.43 million, she maintains a monthly subscription rate of $4.99 on OnlyFans.

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