October 2, 2023

The Traitors : ‘NO-BRAINER’ despite bittersweet outcome


“You can still have some class in a game about lying and deceit.”


The Traitors Australia 2023 winner Camille says her decision to “steal” the prize money was a “no-brainer” despite not winning any cash in the season finale.

In a world first, three Traitors were left standing at the end of the competition, and the trio was given the chance to vote whether they wanted to “share” or “steal” the $200,000 prize.


While Camille, Sam and Blake agreed they would all write down share, they all actually opted to steal, which meant they walked away with absolutely nothing.

camille the traitors 2023
The Traitors Australia 2023 winner Camille says her decision to “steal” the prize money was a “no-brainer”. Source: Ten

Chatting to Yahoo! Lifestyleafter the finale aired, former federal agent Camille confessed she wasn’t shocked they all chose to steal.

“The show is called The Traitors, it’s about being deceptive and betraying others,” she says. “I was under no illusion that these Traitors who betrayed and backstabbed a fellow traitor Ash [Pollard] and all the Faithfuls would write ‘share’,” she said.

She confessed that it was a “no-brainer” that she would write steal to avenge the Faithfuls and “wipe the look from Sam’s face”.

“From the moment I was recruited, I knew it was all part of Sam’s grand plan: bring in the trustworthy sharing Camille to protect him to the end, and then steal all the silver from me,” Camille revealed.

“Sam used and manipulated players and he thought I was just another pawn in his game of Traitors chess. I knew I was going to cancel payday.”





The Traitors winner Camille says there’s ‘no hard feelings’ between her and co-stars Sam and Blake

According to Camille, “you can still have some class in a game about lying and deceit”.

“I reached out to both Sam and Blake post-show, hoping they were all good and wishing them the best,” she said. “I have no hard feelings about them or any other contestants on the show.”

According to Camille, “you can still have some class in a game about lying and deceit”. Source: Ten

The reality star then dished up some sage advice for future The Traitors contestants.

“Unlike other social strategic reality TV shows, The Traitors is a fine balancing act and timing is everything,” Camille explained.

“Don’t peak too early. Use other louder players as shields. Get close to all players so you can pivot to another player if someone you’re working with goes. Consistently assess and reassess the game and the players, then adapt.”







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