September 23, 2023

The Strongest Rifles In Starfield


As you make your way through the Settled Systems in Starfield, it’ll become evident that your ship’s weapons might not be the only protection or ammunition that you will need out there, as there are many situations that require you to carry arms on your person.

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You need to be armed to defend yourself against pirates, spacers, and even alien wildlife, and there are many weapons scattered throughout the game, including handguns, shotguns, and rifles. To deal substantial damage with every shot, you need a good rifle, and here are some of the best ones.

8 Acid Rain

The Acid Rain rifle has a fire rate of 170 and an accuracy percentage of 70.3 percent, with a solid magazine size of 50. While the weapon only does three points of physical damage per hit and has a limited range of 22, its fire rate makes up for the weak damage it does, as the number of shots can overwhelm your targets.

With that said, the range is still very much an issue, but this weapon offers many other excellent advantages, as it has eight available mod slots and a mass of 2.40, which is light by rifle standards. However, this weapon’s most significant selling point is its random corrosive damage, which weakens enemy armor for up to six seconds.

7 Tempest

The Tempest Rifle on the inspection screen in Starfield.

The Tempest does 19 physical damage and has a fire rate of 90 with a magazine capacity of 36. The weapon can hit targets up to 40 meters away with an accuracy percentage of 68.8 percent, which makes it a great option if you want to keep some distance from your foes.

This rifle also presents six mod slots for you to play with, but what makes the Tempest worthy of this list is that a rare version of this rifle will give you access to volatile rounds, designed to deal even more significant damage.

6 Peacekeeper

The Peacemaker Rifle on the inspection screen in Starfield.

The Peacekeeper offers 17 physical damage per hit, a fire rate of 112, a magazine capacity of 50, a range of 41, and an accuracy of 72.2 percent to round off its stats. On top of how well-rounded this trusty rifle is, it also has eight available mod slots.

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A rare version of Peacekeeper will also offer an extended magazine that doubles the base magazine capacity, giving you a capacity of 100, something that makes this rifle one of the most well-rounded weapons in the Settled Systems.

5 Eternity’s Gate

The Eternity's Gate Rifle On The Inventory Screen In Starfield.

Eternity’s Gate is a particle beam rifle powered by heavy fuse ammo, and this impressive weapon can deal 17 physical damage and an impressive 50 energy damage within a range of 60 meters. The magazine holds 20 rounds with a fire rate of 25, and it will certainly hit your targets with an accuracy percentage of 81.6.

This rifle will be able to take on almost any enemy, and it can be further improved if you choose to utilize the six available mod slots. A rare Eternity’s Gate gives you access to volatile rounds, whereas a legendary version of the weapon comes with even more special effects.

4 Unmitigated Violence

The Unmitigated Violence Rifle on the inventory screen in Starfield.

With a name like this, it’s no surprise that this laser rifle deals an outstanding 125 points of base damage per hit, and it can shoot from up to 52 meters while maintaining a fire rate of 33. With a magazine capacity of 50 rounds, this thing was made to rip through any would-be enemies that decide to try their luck against you.

With all of these impressive stats, the rifle’s seven available mod slots mean that it can be further improved to do more damage. If you happen to get your hands on a legendary Unmitigated Violence rifle, you will be able to frenzy a target, randomly deal radioactive damage, and deal double damage to any targets with full health.

3 The Fiscal Quarter

The Fiscal Quarter Rifle on the inspection screen in Starfield.

The Fiscal Quarter rifle may only do five points of base damage per hit, but its incredible fire rate of 180 ensures it hits your targets an overwhelming number of times before they can even react. It matches this rate of fire with an impressive magazine capacity of 40 rounds, and it can hit targets up to 40 meters away with 73.5 percent accuracy.

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If you have a rare Fiscal Quarter, your shots will have a shattering effect that leaves your enemies’ armor useless. The weapon has seven available mod slots and would only cost 3,740 credits, incredibly cheap if you consider the amount of damage it can do with all its attributes.

2 The Gallow’s Reach

The Gallow's Reach Rifle on the inventory screen in Starfield.

Gallow’s Reach is an Olodo Earth assault rifle that deals 18 physical damage and has a fire rate of 150 with a magazine capacity of 30. Gallow’s Reach can hit targets from up to 40 meters away and has an accuracy percentage of 70.6 percent, presenting seven mod slots, random poison damage, and the ability to slow down enemies.

However, the most unique thing about the Gallow’s Reach rifle is that it is just an ordinary old Earth-style rifle. Compared to the futuristic and outlandish looks of some of the other rifles, the Gallow’s Reach almost feels like an antique that would pair nicely with Sir Livingstone’s Pistol for a more immersive role-playing experience.

1 The Revenant

The Revenant Rifle on the inventory screen in Starfield.

The Revenant is a highly destructive rifle that will strike fear into the hearts and minds of any aggressors you may encounter. The weapon deals an incredible 78 physical damage, has a massive fire rate of 375, a magazine capacity of 150, and can hit targets up to 85 meters away with 69.8 percent accuracy.

Besides all that, the rifle also has five mod slots to make it even more deadly. Last, if you have a legendary version of this rifle, you will have access to an extended magazine that boosts your mag capacity to a whopping 300, This also offers a lacerating effect that randomly applies the bleed condition to a hit target, making the Revenant the most devastating weapon in Starfield.

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