November 29, 2023

The Only Time BTS Jungkook’s Friendship Got Turned Down


It’s beyond normal, to be honest.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that there is almost no one on this planet who wouldn’t love to be a friend of Jungkook. In addition to being a BTS member, a phenomenal singer, performer, and a complete allrounder, he is also pretty fun to hang out with, as evident from his hour-long livestreams from his home.

During his recent Weverse live, however, the singer shared that he is eagerly waiting to befriend a special someone, but the last time he tried to approach, things didn’t go well. Now, if you are wondering whether the one who turned down Jungkook’s friendship is inhumane, you won’t be wrong. Because the “someone” in question is, in fact, a ghost!

On June 5, KST, the singer held a Weverse livestream where he spent an hour talking to ARMYs. A few years ago, it was a trend among fans to ask questions like “Who’s behind you?” when the members went live alone to prank them into thinking that there was a ghost in the room with them. During Jungkook’s recent livestream, an ARMY decided to pull the old trick, but noticing the comment, the BTS maknae revealed that he couldn’t be fooled anymore.

Adding to this response, Jungkook also shared that he has never feared ghosts. On the contrary, the paranormal is intriguing to him, so much so that he used to create actual setups to catch one! Jungkook explained that before he started living alone, he once tried to summon a ghost by turning off all the lights at 2 AM, waiting in the living room with the device ghost-hunters use to communicate with spirits. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain.

Jungkook had planned the entire thing and had lots of different gadgets he saw people use in paranormal videos in case he succeeded in making contact. Though this particular attempt had failed, he shared that there was another occasion where he had actually seen a ghost at their dorm!

Jungkook said that if he could, he would have befriended the ghost and asked them about their life story.

After this story-time, ARMYs recalled the many times BTS members have talked about their ghost encounters at the dorm in the past. There are also running jokes in the fandom that the current HYBE building also probably has a ghost, given how that one-time J-Hope took his phone to the washroom in the middle of a livestream. Now, fans are having a field day cracking jokes about how Jungkook was the root of all these incidents!


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