September 22, 2023

The Most Creative Ways To Use Zonai Devices


The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom introduced a completely new mechanic that’s changed the way you play the game – fusing items. Zonai devices, in particular, are great tools for fusing and creating new contraptions or improving reliable equipment.

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Players have put their imaginations to work, going a step further than anyone would have thought possible. The levels of creativity in the Zelda community apparently know no bounds. But you don’t have to be wildly creative to find a fun use for a device. Just spend a little time playing, and let the ideas come to you.

5 Can It Go On A Shield?

One of the first things eager players did was start exploring what they could fuse Zonai devices too. Shields, it turned out, were particularly amusing and versatile. The cart-shield or sled-shield is favorite – a shield with a cart or shield attached (depending on the terrain) that you can then shield surf on, making for a smooth ride. But that was just the beginning.

What else can be attached to shields? Rockets! Slap one on for a one-time boost to get yourself higher into the sky. Fans are an odd but logical attachment – whip out your shield and blow your enemies away, literally. Or fuse one of the emitters to it and ward enemies off with a wave of frost or flame or electricity or a light beam. What’s the use of a hydrant shield? Make one and find out. The possibilities are almost endless.

4 Getting High

Tears of the Kingdom Link bounces on a Spring attached to a shield

Rivali’s Gale is arguably one of the things players miss most from Breath of the Wild. The vertical boost was useful in bypassing parts of mountain climbing or getting over obstacles. Zonai devices have you covered, though. The simplest way is to just get out a balloon, attach a heat source to it, and rise up to your desired height before bailing out.

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Don’t have the materials for a hot air balloon? You can use a spring to get that boost – either by placing it on the ground, or attaching it to your shield, or a fan. Or you can catapult yourself with a piece of wood and a stabilizer. Get up high, and get there fast.

3 Bombs Away!

 Tears of the Kingdom Monster Inspects Time Bomb

Time bombs, at first glance, don’t seem that useful. Not being able to control the timing of the explosion can be aggravating, and they seem to pale in comparison to the remote bombs from Breath of the Wild. But with a little patience, you’ll discover that these little bombs are actually extremely useful.

Want to get the drop on an enemy? There are a lot of ways to do that, but getting above them and releasing time bombs is one of the more fun ways. You can also attach them to the end of an arrow and launch them at enemies from afar. The enemies will surround it, confused, and boom.

One favorite use of bombs for speedrunners is to attach a bomb to a shield, then jump like they’re going to shield surf. The bomb goes off, and Link is propelled into the air.

2 You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

Tears of the Kingdom Link rides a cart fused a shield

A car for your adventures through Hyrule was one of the big selling points in the trailers and teases for Tears of the Kingdom. Everybody wants to go fast. With wheels, steering sticks, and balloons, it’s obvious that transportation was the intended use of some Zonai devices. Motorcycles and various cars that seem to grow more and more complicated are popular builds. But even non-transport-related devices can be used in moving something.

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Hover Stones are great for bridging gaps, but they’re also great for moving a Korok. Trying to get a Korok somewhere without being able to constantly lift or carry it? Fuse it into a Hover Stone and move it ahead of you. If you’re on uneven terrain and lose your footing, the Hover Stone will stay where you left it instead of going all the way back to the bottom with you. And when you’re somewhere safe, you can move it again. There are also Cart-Shields. This early discovery has changed the way people shield surf and let Link be more of a skater boy as he glides through the hilly fields on his way to save the princess. If all else fails, a rocket can be the answer to many things.

Don’t attach a wheel to your shield. It will not go the way you’re hoping it will.

1 Unconventional Weapons

Tears of the Kingdom Link fires a shot from a cannon attached to a melee weapon

Fusion is, without a doubt, one of the best things the developers could have introduced to the Legend of Zelda. The first thing you probably did when you received the power was start testing what you could fuse. Meat, rocks, monster parts, fruits, and mushrooms are among the most popular. Zonai devices are also great for fusing materials for creating weird weapons. Got a regular old broadsword? Slap an emitter on it and turn it into an insta-death machine.

Flamethrower weapons are probably the first thing you’ll think of, but all of them on the end of a weapon can be a deadly combination. A cannon is also a great, if not a little unwieldy, device to put on the end of a weapon. Swing the weapon and fire a shot from the cannon. You can’t control where it goes, but you’ll get a big old boom.

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