September 25, 2023

The Fastest Players In Ultimate Team In EA Sports FC 24


Players in Ultimate Team always hunt for the fastest footballers, as abusing pace is one of the most common tactics being utilized. With the launch of EA Sports FC 24’s ratings, the specifics about the fastest players are out, and you can try getting them to completely dominate the opponents, at least in the early days.

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Although pace doesn’t guarantee you complete success, the faster the players are, the better the probability of beating the defenders. On that note, check out the section below to find out the ten fastest players that you will be able to acquire in EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team.

10 Jeremie Frimpong, Bayer Leverkusen

Jeremie Frimpong would be the perfect wing back in Ultimate Team, and his pace would be perfect for countering the fast wingers you will encounter. In addition to his defense capabilities, the Dutch superstar will contribute immensely to your team’s attack, and his decent crossing abilities will enable you to make excellent balls for your strikers.

Looking at the exact numbers, the player’s pace in the game is at 94, in which acceleration is on the higher end, meaning that he will quickly pick up the pace. You can additionally use him as a right midfielder if required.

9 Ismaïla Sarr, Olympique Marseille

An image of Ismaila Sarr in EA Sports FC 24

Ismaïla Sarr has recently made the switch from Watford to Olympique Marseille, and he will hopefully be able to achieve the highs that he was expected to reach. In EA Sports FC 24, his pace stands at the mark of 94, which is the same as Jeremie Frimpong.

Even though he is rated 76, he could become a valuable part of the side. Alongside his speed, he additionally features good shooting abilities, making him a threat in the final third. The preferred position where you can use Ismaïla Sarr is RM or LM.

8 Trinity Rodman, Washington Spirit FC

An image of Trinity Rodman in EA Sports FC 24

Trinity Rodman emerges as the joint fastest women footballer in EA Sports FC 24, and her pace in the game sits at 94. The young American winger plays for Washington Spirit FC in real life and has considerable potential to make a mark in the footballing world.

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With the integration of women footballers in Ultimate Team, it will be a joy to use Trinity Rodman on your side, and she should be among the ones you should try to get for your team. She also has a 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves, making her pretty well-rounded.

7 Michael, Al Hilal

An image of Michael in EA Sports FC 24

Michael from Al Hilal has received a considerable increase in pace from the previous year and has become one of the fastest players in EA Sports FC 24 with a stat of 94. If you want to get a player from the Saudi Pro League, spending coins on him could be an ideal selection, and his pace will enable you to tear down the opponent’s defense on the left side.

With him being Brazilian, it is also obvious that his dribbling in the game is incredible. His agility and balance will allow you to keep hold of the ball as you breeze past the defenders.

6 Sirlord Conteh, SC Paderborn

An image of Sirlord Conteh in EA Sports FC 24

Sirlord Conteh’s name is so epic that he will surely be an icon in the Ultimate Team mode of EA Sports FC 24. Besides his name, the player has all the pace in the world and is an incredible striker that you will likely be able to get for cheap due to him being rated 68.

Speaking of the exact numbers, the German footballer has a pace of 95, tied with the third-highest, i.e., Vinicius Junior. Even though he won’t help that much in terms of chemistry, you can keep him as an option on the bench.

5 Moussa Diaby, Aston Villa

An image of Moussa Diaby in EA Sports FC 24

Moussa Diaby was one of the marquee signings for Aston Villa in the Summer 2023 Transfer Window and is ready to set the Premier League alight. Likewise, he will also light up the Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC 24, possessing a pace of 95, with both acceleration and sprint speed at 95.

If you are building a Premier League-themed team, he will be a perfect choice, with him having the highest pace in the league. Moussa Diaby additionally has an incredible first touch on the pitch and can be the ideal person to have as the right-winger/midfielder.

4 Alphonso Davies, Bayern Munich

An image of Alphonso Davies in EA Sports FC 24

Alphonso Davies has remained among the list of the fastest players in the Ultimate Team, and his relentless pace of 95 places him in the fourth position. The Canadian defender has been facing injury issues over the past few seasons but is expected to bounce back and potentially be the best left back in world football.

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Looking at his attributes in the Ultimate Team, having Alphonso Davies will be quite beneficial for your team’s defense and attack. He will quickly help transition the ball from the back to the front.

3 Vinicius Jr, Real Madrid

An image of Vinicius Junior in EA Sports FC 24

Vinicius Jr. has proved himself to be among the best wingers in football currently and has become one of the key players for Real Madrid, which is no small feat. The Brazilian has been a tremendous option to use in the Ultimate Team for the past couple of years, and he is bound to become even better this year.

EA has offered him a rating of 89, and his pace in the game is at 95, which can help rip apart defenses. He also boasts 5-star skill moves and silky-smooth feet, allowing you to bamboozle the defenders.

2 Karim Adeyemi, Borussia Dortmund

An image of Karim Adeyemi in EA Sports FC 24

Borussia Dortmund winger Karim Adeyemi is officially the second-fastest footballer in EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team, with a pace rating of 96. Everyone will undoubtedly recall his sprint against Chelsea in which he completely tore them apart single-handedly.

Just like his sprint in real life, you will be able to do the same to opponents by playing through balls to Karim Adeyemi inside the game. Moreover, the player is decent in the departments of shooting and dribbling, making him multifaceted and a potential asset whenever your team is on the attack.

1 Kylian Mbappé, Paris Saint-Germain

An image of Kylian Mbappe in EA Sports FC 24

Kylian Mbappé is the fastest and highest-rated player in EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team, making him probably the most sought-after footballer with the game’s launch. Despite being linked to a move away from Paris Saint-Germain, the superstar remained with the French club, being involved in the most significant transfer story of the 2023 Transfer Window.

Essentially, Kylian Mbappé is one step ahead of the others with a pace rating of 97, allowing you to move the ball forward rapidly. His other abilities are also top-notch, and he would probably feel like the best player to use inside the game.

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