February 20, 2024

The Best Wrong Ways To Play Pokemon


Much like the millions upon millions of people around the world, you probably love Pokemon. It’s hard not to, considering the simplistic formula is able to be appealing to people of any age and a player of any skill level.

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Thanks to how widely it’s been played, there have been a whole host of new ways to tackle the series of games, though some may not be the classic experience you remember from the Game Boy days. There’s no true wrong way to play a video game, but if there were, these would be some of the wrong ways to play Pokemon.

10 Do A Nuzlocke

This is quite possibly one of the most famous ways to play Pokemon, and while it may not be wrong by players, Nintendo really doesn’t seem to like the run at all. They follow a variety of self-imposed rules, but they make each run through any game completely unique.

Most common are the rules of catching a single Pokemon per route, giving all Pokemon nicknames, and releasing any Pokemon that faint in battle. It takes away from the catching them all mentality, but it provides a simple challenge for players who find the series too easy.

9 Only Stick To One Game

Wally challenges the player after Victory Road, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

The Pokemon series is pretty vast at this point, existing for more than two decades. That means that there are tons of games to try across handhelds and home consoles. Of course, you could just stick to a single game if you want to.

Becoming an expert in a single Pokemon game can come with its own line of benefits, especially if it has plenty of content or offers a ton of nostalgia. You will miss out on the weird world of Pokemon as it expands, or even what came before it, but you’ll still have an awesome time.

8 Become An Eevee Fiend

a camp in sword and shield with all the eevee evolutions

Admittedly, playing like this would probably take a bit of strategy and research, but with how beloved the Eeveelution line is, it wouldn’t be surprising to know tons of people do this. Essentially, you can play through many games with nothing but a group of powerful Eevees.

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You may have to breed your own Eevees, but you can get a full line of different Eevee evolutions to cover almost every type in the game. None of them are overly stellar Pokemon at this point, but some people are willing to do anything for the fandom.

7 Use Only One Pokemon

charizard pokemon stadium breathing fire
via Pokemon

It’s actually not uncommon to hear about people who played the games in their youth and only ever giving attention to their original starter Pokemon. This absolutely flies in the face of the Pokemon goal of catching them all, but it has been proven possible in a variety of games.

You may have to use the odd HM Mule at certain points in various games, but that’s fine if it means your god-like starter doesn’t have to learn an underwhelming move like Cut. Go ahead, see how powerful that Charizard can get, no one is going to argue with you.

6 Become A Single Type Trainer

Main trainer with an Eevee on their head battling a bug catcher

It’s easy to forget that the mainline Pokemon games are all RPGs, something that can allow you to do some role-playing. One thing you can do is put yourself in the shoes of all those hilarious little NPC trainers you come across in a normal play-through.

If you really want to, you can become the world’s strongest Bug Catcher trainer. You’re going to have a seriously difficult time when you get to any Fire-Type or Flying-Type gyms, but that’s a small price to pay for the commitment to the bug life.

5 Never Evolve Your Pokemon

shocked pikachu in pokemon let's go
via Pokemon/Game Freak

If you’re someone who prefers your Pokemon team to be as adorable as possible, you can completely ignore the entire evolution system that is crucial to most players’ success in the games. You can just have a team of baby Pokemon that never grow up.

You’re likely to have your team get severely slapped over and over again without some extensive grinding, but that’s a small price to pay for cuteness. This sort of playthrough also offers a unique set of challenges for a veteran player, something you may want to consider.

4 Do A Speedrun

Using Zeraora in the arena in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In another kind of widely-attempted challenge run that Nintendo really doesn’t seem to like, you could try some speedruns of your chosen Pokemon game. They take a ton of practice and a lot of knowledge of the mechanics and values of the game, but they can be a lot of fun.

The Pokemon games are widely viewed as casual RPGs that anyone of any age can get into, and doing a speedrun kind of nullifies that. They require a ton of dedication and often require specific types of Pokemon to go as fast as possible, making everyone’s runs relatively similar.

3 Only Spamming The Strongest Attacks Possible


There is a ton of strategy possible in the Pokemon games, but since they are made first and foremost with children in mind, they are quite easy. It’s that fact that means you could just run through the game spamming your strongest attacks with no worries in the world.

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Some of those attacks may come with some serious drawbacks, but you won’t care after that fifth Hyper Beam from your overly-leveled Gyrados wipes yet another trainer’s Pokemon in a single hit. Be a one-shot trainer, it’ll make fights more or less exciting depending on what you value.

2 Ignoring The Grind

Pokemon Sword and Shield, thrown Pokeball to catch a Pokemon

Almost every single RPG in history has some aspect of grinding. It’s almost unavoidable, and when it comes to the world of Pokemon, that couldn’t be more true. The thing is, you could completely ignore the grind and get through the games with the bare minimum.

Most people would probably see a team filled with a starter and early area Pokemon as blasphemous, and it might just be, but it is something you can do. That level three Pidgey can become a force of nature with enough work, even if it was captured alongside a level two Rattata.

1 Roleplaying As Ash


This might just be the best wrong way to play. You can go ahead and pick your Pokemon game of choice and do your best to recreate Ash Ketchum’s adventures from the anime. Doing this will force you into only using a few Pokemon, but it will be a blast.

You would have to adhere to Ash’s weird thing about never evolving Pikachu into a Raichu, but you’ll probably be fine. Just be careful at the point where you need to over-level your Charizard, that might create a few issues for you.

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