November 29, 2023

the 2008 F1 title is also yours!”


Felipe Massa is among several former drivers enlisted by the F1 organization in ambassadorial capacities. These roles typically entail attending a specified number of races each season in branded attire and undertaking responsibilities like meet-and-greets in the Paddock Club.

Other ex-drivers in similar roles include Mika Hakkinen, Jacques Villeneuve, and David Coulthard.

However, complications arose when Massa initiated legal proceedings against F1 and the FIA regarding the 2008 world championship and the consequences of the ‘Crashgate’ incident during the Singapore GP. As a former Ferrari driver and a local fan favorite, Massa was slated to participate in this weekend’s Italian GP at Monza under his usual arrangement, with F1 covering his travel and accommodation expenses. Nonetheless, it has been confirmed by a source that a discussion occurred in which both parties agreed that attending a race as an F1 ambassador was inappropriate given the current circumstances. However, it was also emphasized that Felipe Massa is welcome to attend any race as a private individual.

It appears that Felipe Massa himself may have realized that his presence would inevitably generate significant media attention, making it challenging for him to move freely around the Monza paddock.

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In any case, former Scuderia Ferrari driver Felipe Massa doesn’t give up: he will fight to the end to regain the 2008 Formula 1 World Championship. A few weeks ago, the Brazilian driver announced a lawsuit to reclaim the title he lost by just one point to Lewis Hamilton due to an incident deliberately caused at the Singapore GP: “I have one certainty: that title is mine, and it’s Ferrari’s 16th driver’s title – his words to TG1 (Telegiornale 1), the flagship television newscast produced by Rai 1. “I have hired a team of very strong lawyers. We will fight until the end to obtain justice in this sport. I don’t understand why a case of manipulation cannot be properly investigated, even if it’s a year, two years, or 15 years later.”

The Crashgate Case
At the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, Nelson Piquet Jr. deliberately crashed to help his Renault teammate Fernando Alonso secure the victory. Due to this incident, Massa slipped out of the points zone after leading the race. However, the battle for the former Ferrari Brazilian is not over, and he also expects support from the Prancing Horse: “At this moment, I haven’t received support from Ferrari yet, but I expect help from them. I am optimistic: I will fight for justice until the end” – he reiterated.

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