December 10, 2023

‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ Season 1, Episode 1 Synopsis Released


The synopsis for the series premiere of The CW’s newest acquisitions, Sullivan’s Crossing, has been released. The synopsis is for season 1, episode 1, titled, “Coming Home”. It’s set to premiere on Wednesday, October 4.

Here’s the synopsis:

SERIES PREMIERE — When neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan’s (Morgan Kohan) seemingly
perfect life in Boston is turned upside down, she leaves the city and her boyfriend Andrew (Allan
Hawco) to return to her childhood home of Sullivan’s Crossing, a picturesque Nova Scotia
campground owned by her estranged father, Sully Sullivan (Scott Patterson) whom she hasn’t
seen in years. While there, Maggie attempts to reunite with her father as well as her old friends
as she butts heads with Cal Jones (Chad Michael Murray), the irritating, yet handsome
mysterious stranger who has been helping her father around the campground. But coming home
isn’t easy and it brings up memories and feelings Maggie is not ready to face. The episode was
directed by Bradley Walsh and written by Roma Roth and Kerri MacDonald (#101.)

Sullivan’s Crossing stars Morgan Kohan, Chad Michael Murray, and Scott Patterson. Make sure to check out the series premiere on Wednesday, October 4!

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