December 10, 2023

Studio Lights Announce New Mononoke no Kuni Game – News


Isekai action RPG launches for PC in spring 2024 with more platforms planned

Shinjuku-based Studio Lights announced on Friday that it will release a new isekai action RPG titled Mononoke no Kuni for PC via Steam in spring 2024. The company also plans to launch the game for an unspecified PlayStation console, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. Studio Lights streamed a 7-second gameplay video:

The cozy Japanese-style fantasy game features a 3D open world adventure in the land of Mononoke. Along with a puppy named Musashi, players can help the filth-covered land of Mononoke, devise strategies in dungeons, defeat monsters, and restore the Omiwa Shrine. Activities include fishing, farming, and riding a boat.

Studio Lights previously worked on environment and cutscene lighting for Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy XVI and Forspoken games.

Source: Press release via Gematsu

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