February 20, 2024

Stephen A. Smith Says James Harden ‘Gotta Be More Accountable’


Stephen A. Smith gives Harden a hard time

Smith calls out the Philadelphia 76er in the Club Shay Shay podcast. He is apparently unhappy with how the 10-time all-star has been handling his career, especially his most recent events. The ESPN journalist even goes as far as insinuating Harden is a spoiled baby.

“James gotta be more accountable. You got everything you want. They gave you everything, but a pacifier and a bib in Houston.”

Stephen A. Smith

Smith is disappointed with the former Houston Rockets’ actions and how well the 34-year-old was doing with his former team. He sides with Daryl Morey, stating that even back in Harden’s Rocket days, he was well taken care of by Morey.

“Then you (Harden) force your way out. You want to go to Philly because you want to go with Morey. They say no, so you want to go to Brooklyn. You show to camp out of shape. You make it very, very clear that you ain’t trying to do anything. You get in Brooklyn, you force you way out of there.”

Stephen A. Smith

The 55-year-old reporter remarks against the former MVP’s behavior with his teams. Smith proves Nichols’ statement was correct. Harden motivates other players when he wants to play. However, the 76er has been aloof with his teams on three separate occasions, now coming up to his fourth with his drama with Morey.

“Why is anybody gonna be sympathetic to James Harden when what Harden has done on three separate occasions? Now you’re doing it a fourth.”

Stephen A. Smith

Smith gives another observation on the former sixth man of the year’s tendencies, especially with his antics with other players—on how he wants them in his team at first but changes his mind eventually.

“I [Harden] want Dwight Howard, I don’t want Dwight Howard. I want Carmelo Anthony, I don’t want Carmelo Anthony. I want CP3, I don’t want CP3. I want Russ, I don’t want Russ. And not one single championship to show for it.”

Stephen A. Smith

He hasn’t been putting in the numbers with all the demands the 76er is making. Harden doesn’t have the certification and awards to be making these demands. He even gets called out by Smith for having lackluster stats in the closing game seven against the Boston Celtics last season by only giving nine points on 27 percent shooting.

“It ain’t like you a champion making these demands.”

Stephen A. Smith

Darl Morey could still have lied

However, Smith isn’t purely against Harden, but it’s only a tidbit of his rant against the former MVP.

“We can’t absolve Daryl Morey. If you lie to the man, you lie to the man. If you told him that, you owe him that.”

Stephen A. Smith

While the verdict is still in the air, at least Smith is ready to take a stance if the President of Basketball Operations for the 76ers lied to Harden.

With Harden’s career possibly ending soon due to the drama, who do you think is right?

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