December 11, 2023

Starfield Player Somehow Steals A Space Station, Lands It On A Planet


Starfield is a relatviely bug free experience right now, which is rather surprising considering Bethesda’s history of wonky launches. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any though, and one player has found an absolute whopper that has not only allowed them to buy a full-blown space station, but pull it apart and even land it on a nearby planet. How did they manage it? Not even the player in question knows.

Shared to the subreddit earlier today, Starfield player u/VeganSatan666420 revealed that they somehow managed to purchase The Key, a massive space station which just so happens to be the main headquarters of the Crimson Fleet faction (thanks Windows Central). According to the player, they sold a stolen ship to the Crimson Fleet and then went to change their home ship, which allowed them to register The Key as their own.

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To make matters even weirder, this player was then able to start messing around with the station’s modules, switching them around and changing the layout of The Key however they pleased. Due to The Key being a massive space station, they weren’t able to take it for a quick joy ride across the Settled Systems or even making a budge a single inch. They were able to somehow land it on a nearby planet though, which caused a rather large chunk of the station to clip into the ground.

From what we can tell, u/VeganSatan666420 isn’t using a mod of any kind that lets them do this, and even they have no idea why the game allowed to set the station as their home ship. It’s more than likely just a wacky bug that’s made its way into the final build of the game, which isn’t surprising considering Bethesda’s reputation for flying horses and floating eyeballs, though it might want to consider space station construction as some kind of DLC given all of the positive reactions.

All we know is that if you do manage to make The Key your own, definitely do not sell it, whatever you do. Another player called u/DeliriousDal explains that they also managed to purchase The Key, but sold it “thinking that would somehow fix the bug”. Instead, it completely wiped The Key from the game, along with all of the poor souls and essential quest givers living aboard. Hey, if they didn’t want to be deleted, maybe they shouldn’t have been pirates.

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