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Skyrim: Saints And Seducers – Bandit Camp Location Guide


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The Saints and Seducers content from Skyrim‘s Creation Club will require you to find a number of camps so that you can gather more information about a rogue conjurer. These campsites contain journals that give clues about Thoron, a powerful mage who needs to be tracked down over the course of two quests.

The quests relating to the Saints and Seducers’ content are “Balance of Power” and “Restoring Order,” which you can commence by talking to the Khajit trader Ri’Saad. If you are unable to locate the trader, you will be able to locate the Khajiit trader between Whiterun and Markarth. Since the trader is a part of a caravan, they will often be found traveling between the two cities. If you are unable to locate the Caravan, you can wait outside Whiterun or Markarth and wait for them to show up. Once you speak to Ri’Saad, you can begin Skyrim‘s Saints & Seducers questline.

Check out the short video below from No-Nonsense Guides on YouTube to see how to start Skyrim’s “Balance of Power” quest for yourself:

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How to Beat Saints & Seducers

You will first need to complete the “Balance of Power” quest by traveling to the locations of the four bandit camps. However, at first, only two camp locations will be marked on Skyrim‘s massive map. Head to the two camps and clear them of enemies to get more information about the other two campsites. However, it is worth mentioning that these camps contain some tough enemies. Therefore, it would be prudent to be well prepared and use some of Skyrim‘s Best Armor & Weapons.

While it’s possible to start “Restoring Order” without clearing out the other pair of either Saints or Seducer camp, you must vanquish the bandits in all four campsites to complete “Balance of Power” fully.

Players looking to acquire some serious weaponry before tackling Saints and Seducers bandit camps should check out the video from ESO below, which shows how you can get a great Skyrim weapon at level one:

Skyrim’s Saints & Seducers Bandit Camp Locations

Four different Saints and Seducer Bandit Camp Map Locations

The first bandit campsite is located between Fort Kastav and Yorgrim Overlook, northwest of Windhelm. Before heading to these campsites, take out the archers first so that you can easily battle with other enemies. Once you have dealt with all the archers, you will eventually fight a Bandit leader at each of these campsite locations. After beating the leader, loot their body and read the Journal. This Journal will reveal the Svarig’s location, the next Seducers bandit camp. Svarig’s encampment can be found east of the first Seducers bandit camp in Skyrim, directly below the Forsaken Cave.

As for the Saints’ first bandit camp’s location, it is near North Brittleshin Pass. To get there, follow the road from Whiterun and head southwest towards Lake Ilinalta. After looting the leader’s journal, Skyrim fans can find the next named boss of the Saints, Kinthal, whose camp is located to the east of Skyrim‘s map between Karthwasten and Broken Tower Redoubt. Check out both Saints and Seducers camp locations for yourself in the 30 minute playthrough from SpaceEagle below:

Slay Kinthal and his minions and then return to Ri’saad’s Khajiit caravan to complete the quest “Balance of Power” in Skyrim.

Source: Youtube/ESO, Youtube/No-Nonsense Guides, Youtube/SpaceEagle

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