February 20, 2024

Sh*t Got Wild At Cubs vs White Sox Game


Brawl in the Suite

Usually, when there is a fight at a sporting event, it seems to occur in the cheap seats, but this time, all hell broke loose in the suite. The fight happened during a crosstown rivalry game against the Cubs, but things were more intense in the stands than on the field.

You’re right, Jonathan, I’ve lost my mind…

Ladies, you pay A LOT of money for these club seats, plus if you get kicked out, there is no more unlimited food and drinks. Their loss is our gain because I have an idea…

Let’s play a fun game I like to call “text your friends the video then tag each of them with the different characters.” Okay, it’s a little lengthy so the title needs some work.

My favorite is the guy eating ice cream in the next row as if it is completely normal for grown adults to be kicking each other in the face. It took him 20 seconds (yes, I timed it) to go from pausing his ice cream session to casually preventing his little bowl from melting.

Another nominee for best supporting actress is the woman holding a random plastic bag who is not interested enough to put the item down but still manages to throw a couple of half-hearted kicks at the back of someone’s head.

Have We Forgotten How to Act in Public?

There seems to be an increase in fights at sporting events, or at the very least, an increase of coverage in these brawls. These viral videos constantly showing up in my MLB news feed have me wondering if we lost our collective minds during COVID?

All those grainy Zoom calls (can’t hear you, you’re on mute), baking bread experiments, and hoarding toilet paper appear to have stunted our ability to act in public. If you’re reading this, maybe you’re saying, “You’re right, Jonathan, I’ve lost my mind.”

Here’s a good starting point. Let’s stop punching each other in the face at baseball games. Think about that statement. There are literally 162 baseball games in a season. The Cubs or White Sox could lose for three weeks straight and still have a chance to win the division.

White Sox fans are saying, “Try two months of losing.”

BTW, the Cubs Won

Spoiler alert: the Cubs beat the White Sox 10-7 in the actual game, just in case you were curious. Now, go tag your friends with your favorite fight characters.

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