December 11, 2023

Should Mariah Copeland Work for Sharon?


No one on The Young and the Restless gets a job without nepotism. Victor has been picking his kids’ careers for years. Jack put his son in as co-CEO…for a while. Devon inherited his wealth from Kay and Neil. Abby bought her restaurant thanks to family money. Phyllis worked for her son, and Nate climbed the corporate ladder mostly on his back.

Young and the Restless Polling

Now it’s Mariah’s (Camryn Grimes) turn. Instead of working for her best friend’s daddy, she now has a chance to work for her mommy. Should she take it? Here’s how fans responded.

Mariah Copeland: Impartial Party

Mariah can accept a job from Sharon (Sharon Case), 19% offer, but she should report to Nick (Joshua Morrow) or Adam (Mark Grossman). Instead of being coddled by her mom, she can be treated impartially. By the guy who periodically gets obsessed with her mom. And the guy who married her mom multiple times. And the guy who lost his beloved daughter. Who looked exactly like Mariah. Yeah. They are going to be totes impartial.

Y&R: My Own Two Feet

If Mariah thinks dealing with the Abbott family dysfunction is tricky at Jabot, wait till she finds out how much harder it will be tip-toeing between the conflicting interests in her own family, 38% of you sigh. Especially since, of the three partners, Sharon is the least experienced in business. That means Adam and Nick might end up frequently overruling her. And asking Mariah to take sides.

Mariah Copeland: Quality Time

Mariah only met Sharon as an adult, 43% remind. They didn’t get to go through the toddler years, when the answer to everything is no, or the teen years, when the answer to everything is also no. They didn’t have fights about what’s appropriate to wear, when it is appropriate to wake up, or why is this report card below C-level. They can relive all that in a workplace setting. What could go wrong?

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