December 10, 2023

She’s Sharing All The Things You Need For College That You Probably Wouldn’t Have Thought About Otherwise – Chip Chick


Are you about to enter your first year of college and are struggling to figure out what to bring? Sure, some schools send out a list of essentials to pack, but they don’t include everything you’ll truly need in order to make the transition to college smoother.

TikToker Brooke Wyatt (@povbrookewyatt) is in her final year of college, and she’s sharing what things you’ll need for college that you probably wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.

First on the list are slippers. Walking barefoot in your dorm building is generally not recommended. Floors can be swept, mopped, and vacuumed, but think about how infrequently that occurs. The last thing college students are thinking about is cleanliness. And countless people walk those floors on a daily basis.

“Do not forget your slippers. Literally wear mine every single day. You do not want to walk on the crusty, dusty carpet of dorms,” she stated.

Wearing slippers can save your feet from being exposed to some nasty germs and diseases. No matter if they’re moccasins, fuzzy slippers, or the trendy cloud slides, indoor footwear will provide you with some extra protection.

Then, you’ll need chip clips. A large part of a college student’s diet includes chips. They’re an easy, convenient snack that’s tasty and great for when you’re on the go. Chips can also give you an extra boost of fuel for studying. It puts a damper on anyone’s day to find out that your once-crunchy chips have become hardened and bland.

“I promise you if you’re just going to roll them up, all of your food’s going to get stale. Just bring the chip clips,” asserted Brooke.

Get chip clips branded with your college’s logo on them to show your school spirit! Or you could even use binder clips. They get the job done–plus, you can use them for keeping your homework assignments together.

Next, Brooke advises getting a laundry bag that can be worn like a backpack. When she first got to college, Brooke had a super cute wooden laundry basket that was not practical at all. Backpack-style laundry bags are ideal for use in dorm rooms because of their ease of carrying.

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