September 25, 2023

She’s Refusing To Let Her Parents Babysit Her Children Because Her Cat Wound Up Dying While In Their Care – Chip Chick


About a year ago, this 26-year-old woman moved to a different state to live with her husband, who is 24. And while she was in the process of relocating, she had a pet cat named Kylo.

“He was the cutest little tuxedo cat with a personality to follow,” she recalled.

But, while she was moving, she was forced to house her pet cat with her parents until she and her husband could afford to move him into their new place.

Now, she had already owned a few other cats in the past– all of whom wound up passing or running away.

Her first cat, named Shy, died in a hit-and-run. Then, her second cat, Ashlee, was reportedly poisoned by a “nasty neighbor.”

Finally, her third cat, Pumpkin, sadly ran away, and she never saw the feline again.

So, when she dropped Kylo off to her parents, she gave them strict instructions.

“I explicitly told them to keep Kylo inside and that he was strictly an indoor cat,” she said.

Well, even though her parents agreed when she first dropped the cat off, she started receiving messages from her parents, implying that they wanted to let Kylo outside. For instance, they would claim that the cat was “curious” and “just wanted to see” the outdoors.

kathomenden – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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