May 29, 2023

She’s Ready To Move Out Of Her Family’s House And Make A Life Of Her Own, However She Has Suddenly Found Herself Responsible For Caring For Her Grandmother And She Feels Like She’s Missing Out On Life


Do you know anyone who has gotten stuck caring for a family member? Unfortunately, some people are handed the responsibility of taking care of the family while they’re still very young, and it can be quite a difficult position to be in. 

One woman has suddenly found herself responsible for caring for her grandmother and feels like she’s missing out on life.

She’s 25 and lives with her mom, dad, 21-year-old brother, and grandmother. 

Both of her parents work full-time, and she’s always been responsible for taking care of their home. Just as she was starting to feel ready to move out of her family’s house and make a life of her own, she suddenly became her grandmother’s caretaker while her parents were at work during the day.

Her grandmother is right by her side for most of the day, and she has to do just about everything for her. Her grandmother never wants to be without her, and they’ve even started sleeping in the same bed.

She’s responsible for washing her grandmother and helping her with her hygiene. Anytime she tries to have some time to herself, her grandmother always manages to find her. Her grandmother is very demanding and isn’t always grateful for everything she does. She’s been hit with mean remarks from her grandmother and has to put up with her every day. 

“People say that it’s like taking care of a child, but I think it’s worse,” she explained. 

Unfortunately, her younger brother is no help at all. She’s tried multiple times to get him to help and spend time with their grandmother, but he usually gets aggressive with her. He’s addicted to playing games online and is constantly on the computer.

“I feel like all these circumstances have delayed my development into becoming independent,” she said.

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