November 28, 2023

She Really Didn’t Want To Kiss The Guy She Went On A Date With, So When He Leaned In, She Jumped Up To Go Dance, But He Basically Chased Her Around Still Trying To Get The Kiss


First dates can definitely be pretty awkward, especially when one person wants to kiss, and the other one is just not feeling it.

That moment will leave you wondering whether you should go through with the kiss or completely swerve it by whatever means necessary.

TikTok creator Amber (@amberryder) is sharing an awkward date story of hers.

Amber meets her date at the arcade and is looking forward to a night of fun and games together. By the end of the date, however, she would be feeling sort of confused and awkward!

When they first arrive, her date suggests that they play a few rounds of ping pong together. Amber is not too thrilled about this idea because she hardly knows this guy and doesn’t want to be running around chasing the ball in front of him.

“I find it a bit like dehumanizing when you’ve got to chase the ball around the place,” Amber explains.

“Do you know what I mean? It just bounces over, and you just got to chase it around. It’s really embarrassing.”

At this point, Amber wasn’t even trying to win the game. She was just trying to refrain from having to go after the ball.

Next, her date and she decided to head over to the basketball machines to shoot some hoops. Amber’s date brags about his skills and tells her about how he’s played basketball for 15 years.

Sam Edwards/KOTO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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