May 29, 2023

She Got Hired, Then Fired From Her Job, And Then Hired Back Again – Chip Chick


Getting fired from a job can be a little embarrassing, sometimes even shocking or anger-inducing. But every now and then, there are situations where an employee getting fired is completely, downright unwarranted.

It may be over a stupid reason, incompetent bosses, or simple misunderstandings. In this case, one woman experienced a confusing turn of events after she was hired, fired, then hired once again.

Kate received a text message from her boss Shelley one morning expressing excitement about finally having someone to work full-time and welcoming her to the team.

However, Kate had never agreed to work full-time in the first place. Here is how she responded.

“I’m sorry, but full-time? I emphasized multiple times in my interviews and onboarding that I was only looking for part-time,” said Kate.

Her boss denied ever hearing anything of the sort, and Kate was directed to work full-time for the next four days until everything got straightened out. Kate clearly stated that this arrangement was temporary and was not something she would be doing long-term.

Three days later, Shelley informed Kate through a text message that they were unable to give her the hours she had requested and that she would not be continuing at the company any longer.

The kicker is that Kate’s boss let her know all this while she was at work! However, Kate replied with calm and grace, telling Shelley to send her a check for the hours she worked and even reminding her to schedule someone else for her next shift.

Immediately, Shelley backtracked, begging Kate to pick up the phone. They had fired the wrong person! Kate was furious, and rightfully so.

M Einero/ –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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