May 29, 2023

She Found A Cat And Took It To The Vet To Be Fixed, Even Though The Pet Clearly Had An Owner  – Chip Chick


This woman runs a non-profit Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for the cats in her area– catching any felines and funding any medical attention that they need out of her own pocket.

She honestly just loves helping out the cats in her area. But, she is not a large-scale operation, and many of the cats she helps are unable to be rehomed.

“So, I fix them and release them. Get them their shots and hope for the best,” she said.

Anyway, she was recently called in to visit an area that was overrun with orange cats. Apparently, the felines were everywhere, and she wound up turning most of the situation over to professionals.

However, she did manage to snag three very sweet cats. Two of them were skinny, a bit beaten up, yet friendly despite being quite terrified. And the third cat was reportedly “a little gent.”

In fact, the male cat was well-groomed, wearing a collar that had a fish pattern and was even a bit tubby. So, it was clear the cat had an owner, and her plan was to locate the cat’s parents.

“My plan was to find his parents and drop him off with a warning to keep him in due to the large amount of traps being set,” she recalled.

But then, as she was transporting the pet, the cat actually just started spraying all over the inside of her car! So, it became clear that the cat had not been fixed– which she did not realize before due to his long hair.

At that point, she was forced to debate two options. She could either take the cat home as planned or get him fixed with the rest of the felines. –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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