May 29, 2023

She Canceled Her Netflix Subscription Without Telling Her Brother Or Sister-In-Law Because They Were Just Using Her Account To Occupy Her Nieces While They Only Focused On Her Baby Nephew


About seven years ago, this 41-year-old woman and her husband, who is 42, decided to get a Netflix subscription after their 18-year-old daughter asked for one.

At the time, they were in a tough financial situation. So they didn’t immediately subscribe to the streaming service.

Eventually, though, they caved and signed up under one condition: her daughter had to spend one night each week watching a show with them.

That worked out for a while, and two years later, her 34-year-old brother finally got married. But, her sister-in-law was previously married and already had two twin girls– who were 10 years old.

“I love them to pieces,” she said.

After her sister-in-law had a son with her brother, though, she claimed that all hell broke loose.

At that point, her nieces were always getting dropped off at either their grandparent’s house or her house without any warning.

“They were just dropped off and picked up the next day to be deposited somewhere else,” she recalled.

“I told my brother that we had to talk after a month of this.”

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