May 29, 2023

Saint X (Season 1), Episode 7: Recap & Ending Explained


Saint X (Season 1) Episode 7: Nothing particularly significant happens in this episode other than clarifying Edwin’s secret, which was not exactly a secret if you have followed Saint X closely. Yes, Edwin happens to be an “anti-man,” which means gay in the Island language, and life has always been a struggle for him. Other than that, it basically feels like going around the same circle and not reaching anywhere. With one episode to go, I highly doubt if the show will even give us a definitive ending with a proper closeup.

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Saint X (Season 1) Episode 7 Recap:

Alright, Farhad is not dead. Clive did a number on him, but the man is still alive after all. However, Clime is extremely remorseful and goes for a confession at a church, which hardly does him any good. We are going to come back to what happens after that, but let us take a dive into the past.

One last sunny day on the Island, along with some darkness

It’s been a while since the Thomas’ are living their last day of vacation, but the last day before the fateful night when Alison goes away with Edwin and Clive is finally here. But before that happens, a lot unfolds throughout the day.

Alison and Edwin have hit a kind of sore spot after she got pretty much dismissed as just another white girl by the charming resort worker. She still wants to show him that she is more than what he thinks. Without having anything else to do, Alison plans a quiet movie night with her little sister. Meanwhile, Edwin has his own trouble to deal with. With the gay couple now seeing his real self, Edwin thinks they have outed him, and everyone is laughing at him.

This is obviously not true as we, the audience, can clearly see that the man is just freaking out, and it is more of anxiety thinking- which is later confirmed by one of the men from the gay couple who even consoles a crying Edwin. In a connected flashback, Edwin tries so hard to hide his true self and gets spooked by (quite possibly) the Goat-witch at the Faraway-Kay, only to deny it later to prove his manliness to Clive.

It also makes sense why Edwin would do everything to keep Sara away from Clive. It is Clive who he loves, and he can’t accept him being with anyone else. Unfortunately, though, Desmond has the completely wrong idea about Edwin, and when he spills the beans to Berry, she asks him to not say anything to Clive as that would break his heart. However, Berry eventually changes her mind and asks Desmond to drop the bomb.

Tyler apologizes to Alison, and she makes it up to him but rejects his invitation to hang out during the night- as she already has plans with her sister. Eventually, Tyler decides to hang out with Olivia, who seems more than eager. Edwin plans a night out at the local bar Paulette with Clive. But he also invites Alison to join, most likely to throw away any kind of suspicion. Alison decides to join in as this finally gives her the opportunity to prove Edwin wrong and return with a fascinating story.

A still from Saint X (Season 1), Episode 7

Edwin also throws the prospect of visiting Faraway-Kay after the bar, which further entices her. Just before leaving, Alison comes across Olivia, who pretty much suggests she has a threesome with Edwin and Clive- this obviously clarifies why Olivia was so freaked out in an earlier episode. Tyler also sees Alison leaving, which sort of pisses him off- clearly, his sorry act was not earnest enough.

One more important thing happens before the trio leaves, which is Desmond breaking his “Edwin news” to Clive, who understandably gets extremely angry and confronts Edwin. Thanks to Alison, the confrontation takes a halt as the three of them leave together.

Back to the present

Emily goes into a sort of isolation after witnessing what Clive did to Farhad. A severely concerned Josh asks her to “talk to someone,” to which she says that she is going to consult her psychiatrist. When she goes to Dr. Norton, she questions if it is Emily’s survival guilt that pushes her toward Clive. This triggers Emily, and she storms out of the Doctor’s chamber.

Saint X (Season 1) Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

Is Emily attracted to Clive?

What we usually fail to acknowledge is the fact that the term attraction is not particularly limited to romantic or sexual kind. There can be various types of it. While it is pretty much clear that Emily is drawn to Clive despite everything, and a part of her genuinely believes in his absence. However, her attraction for him is neither romantic nor sexual, although, at a certain point in this episode, it does cross that threshold and lands her into further awkwardness.

The reason Emily got agitated by the Psychiatrist’s remark is possibly her carefully crafted facade of denial getting crumbled. There is only one place she could go after, which is, of course, the Caribbean restaurant. Clive notices her almost coming under a moving car, and the two of them end up in their familiar place, wordless. Emily says a lot is going on, and she is just distracted, which is the truth.

Seeing the bruised knuckles of Clive, she shows just about a surface level of curiosity. The two eventually end up at a bar and start to dance. While dancing, Emily gets flashbacks of her last dance with Allison at the party, after which Alison left. That is when things get out of hand as Emily makes a move at Clive which throws him off.

An extremely uncomfortable-looking Clive runs off. Realizing what she has done, Emily also gets out of the bar and starts to walk. Clive comes back with his taxi and asks her to get inside in a rather condescending tone. Now we know for a fact Clive wouldn’t harm Emily. But what happened to Alison still remains a question, and how the show is going to answer that and close off every single thread is what we get to see next week.

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