December 10, 2023

Ryan humiliated as his videos are leaked


In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Ryan’s humiliated as his dodgy videos are leaked and written about in the Weatherfield Gazette.

Ryan’s devastated when he overhears the Rovers staff and punters talking about his online content.

But, will Ryan take a step back from his O-Vidz account in Coronation Street spoilers?

Ryan becomes the talk of the Street (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan’s videos are leaked

As Ryan finishes doing a live video, he’s informed by a subscriber that his filter glitched. The subscriber recognised him as the guy who got injured in the acid attack after seeing his face.

Ryan does his best to shut down the subscriber’s theory but it proves no good.

Suki from the Gazette soon turns up and tells Ryan that she’s seen some screenshots from his dodgy online videos and recognised him from the acid attack.

She then asks if she can interview him for a story in the paper, shocking Ryan.

In the Rovers, Ryan joins Carla for lunch but is left humiliated when Izzy shows a Gazette article about him to Glenda, Sean, Carla, Daisy and Daniel. But, can he explain himself?

Daniel spots Ryan’s stash of testosterone (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel rumbles Ryan

Later on, Ryan’s offered the spare room of Lauren’s flat in the precinct and prepares to move out of Carla’s.

However, Carla and Daisy soon worry about Ryan as he packs up his things.

Daniel tries to restore the peace between him and Ryan by helping him carry his things up to his new flat.

Things take a bad turn though when some lads take the mick out of Ryan’s scars, making Ryan burst with rage.

Daniel tries to calm Ryan down but soon spots the stash of testosterone that Ryan’s got amongst his things.

Trying to support Ryan, Daniel then asks him whether he’d be comfortable giving a talk about being a victim of violent crime to the STC students. But, can Daniel help Ryan end his use of steroids?

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