November 29, 2023

Rick and Morty Season 7 Drops Sneaky Rick Prime Tease


Rick and Morty Season 7’s newest episode dropped a sneaky new tease about the search for Rick Prime.

Rick and Morty has been steadily reintroducing Rick and his connections to other characters in the first few episodes of Season 7 so far, but the third episode of the season has dropped a sneaky new tease about the hunt for Rick Prime. One of the big teases fans were left on as Rick and Morty Season 6 came to an end was that now that Rick Prime has returned to his own universe and was essentially trapped there, Rick C-137 would be seeking him out in full and continue the hunt for his greatest nemesis as the series continues. 

Rick and Morty teases Rick Prime would play a role in the series’ future, but the first few episodes of Season 7 so far have unfortunately not returned to this main storyline just yet. But following an update that Rick still has not found any clues about Rick Prime’s location in the premiere episode, Episode 3 of the season dropped another tease about that chase as Unity returns to the series to highlight just how much damage Rick C-137’s search for Rick Prime did to him in the past. 

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Rick and Morty Season 7: Where Is Rick Prime? 

Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 3, “Air Force Wong,” surprisingly brings Unity back into Rick’s life after they broke up back in the second season, and it’s revealed that she’s come to Earth and tried to get Rick’s attention by taking over Virginia. She’s been calling Rick because she’s been worried about him, but he’s refused all of her calls. She explains that she knows Rick has been looking for “him” and it’s implied that Rick’s search for Rick Prime has been a danger to him in the past. 

This further demonstrates just how much Rick Prime has had an impact on Rick C-137 through the series so far, and it’s clear that his hunt for Rick Prime has hurt Rick and those around him in the past. Unity was worried that Rick would be following in this path once more, and it’s a sneaky tease that we’ll definitely see Rick Prime making a big comeback sooner rather than later. 

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