May 27, 2023

Poolsuite NFT: Is This The First NFT To Get Apple Wallet Integration? – Apple (AAPL)

A non-fungible token launched in late November announced its integration with Apple Wallet Wednesday, which could make it the first NFT to be compatible with Apple Wallet.

What Happened: Internet leisure company Poolsuite launched a collection of NFTs in November. The company offered its “Poolsuite-Executive Member” NFTs for a mint cost of 0.2 Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) each.

The Executive Member collection is 2,500 NFTs. A smaller more exclusive Poolsuite-Pool Member collection has only 250 NFTs.

On Tuesday, Poolsuite teased an announcement coming Wednesday. Here are the details of the announcement.

“It’s a worldwide web iii exclusive. Add your Poolsuite NFT to your mobile wallet with Poolsuite Wallet Service,” the Poolsuite Twitter account shared Wednesday. “While this may not feel significant just yet, it forms a core piece of our infrastructure and will come into play often in the weeks and months ahead.”

Formerly known as Poolside FM, the company changed its name to Poolsuite and is becoming increasingly more well-known as a pool themed lifestyle brand offering a themed playlist. Poolsuite also branched out into the suntan lotion business recently with Vacation, a new spinoff business line. The company said it has hundreds of thousands of listeners on the internet and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) products.

“As an honored supporter of our beloved corporation, it will be our priority to show you an exceptional time throughout your membership and to shower you with perks and gratitude commensurate with your status as a founding member,” Poolsuite said of its NFTs.

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Why It’s Important: Poolsuite was launched as a membership offering perks to users. The wallet integration could be another way to show off the exclusive status for members.

“Brilliant. @poolsuite NFT and membership generated a real card for my Apple wallet. Which has a QR code so I can enter the physical Poolsuite IRL events, quickly scanned in. Digital and physical as one,” technology analyst Jeremiah Owyang shared on Twitter Wednesday.

The integration with Apple Wallet appears to be a first in the world of NFTs and was heavily noticed on Twitter Wednesday.

“Brilliant. Adding my fancy Poolsuite Executive card to my Apple Wallet rn,” investor and entrepreneur Ryan Hoover tweeted.

Apple Wallet was launched in 2012. The offering from Apple to store digital cards has expanded to include Apple Card, a credit card launched by the tech giant in 2014.

Time will tell if other NFT membership offerings try to integrate within the Apple Wallet ecosystem.

The floor price on Poolsuite NFTs quickly rose Wednesday. At the time of writing, the floor price on the Poolsuite Executive Member NFTs was 1.91 ETH, up from 1.48 ETH at 10 a.m. EST. The NFT traded at 0.9 ETH to start 2022. The more exclusive Pool Member NFT has a floor price of 3.45 ETH.

Poolsuite says the NFT is “your pass to the internet good life.” Holding a Poolsuite NFT shows “esteemed presence” in high society and will offer several perks along ethe way.

Holders will get early access to future Poosluite projects and a planned Poolsuite token. Holders will also get members only merchandise.

Photo courtesy of Poolsuite. 

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