September 25, 2023

Pokemon’s Flocked Glaceon Funko Pop! Is Back Up For Pre-Order


Although the details about its price and release date are yet to be revealed, images of the very first Umbreon Funko Pop! have finally been shown off. That means every Eeveelution now has a Funko Pop! figure, or at least they will once the Umbreon one is released. To tide you over between now and when that time comes, the Flocked Glaceon Funko Pop! is once again available for pre-order.

Flocked Pop! figures are the same size as regular ones, but have a soft velvety finish as opposed to a hard plastic one. Stock of Pokemon’s Flocked Espeon figure was replenished at Amazon last week, and now it’s Glaceon’s turn. You will need to head to Hot Topic for the Ice-type Eeveelution’s flocked figure though as it’s exclusive to that storefront.

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The Flocked Glaceon Pop’s pre-orders were open before, but stock presumably sold out. All the more reason to make sure you don’t miss out this time if you didn’t get one during the first wave. You can place a pre-order for the Pop! by clicking the link below, but the figure won’t ship until November. If you bag a Flocked Glaceon during this second wave, you can expect it to arrive at your home, or in-store if you opt for that, anytime between November 14 and November 25.

via Hot Topic

Flocked Glaceon Funko Pop!

Pokemon’s Glaceon already has a regular Funko Pop! This alternative figure is flocked which means the Pop! has a soft, velvety coat rather than a simple hard, plastic shell. Available exclusively at Hot Topic.

Eeveelution fans aren’t the only Pokemon Pop! collectors with something to celebrate right now, not by a long shot. Alongside Umbreon, Aipom and Sobble figures were also shown for the first time. In fact, the Sobble Pop! is already available to pre-order. A pearlescent Squirtle Pop! has also been revealed and can also be pre-ordered right now, while stocks last.

Looking to add some non-Pokemon Funko Pops to your collection? There are plenty of options on that front too. Funko offered up a first look at brand new One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh figures that will be available to buy during New York Comic-Con weekend, both in-person and online. One Piece has been hitting the Funko Pop! road hard this month after its live-action adaptation hit Netflix. Nine other figures were also revealed last week and will be gradually released throughout October and November.

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