November 28, 2023

Nurse Whitley’s Secret Agenda For Abe


DAYS spoilers teased that amnesiac Mayor Abe Carver was going to be kidnapped by Nurse Whitley. She’s trying to convince him she’s his wife, Paulina.

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

Holy misery, she kidnapped Abe (James Reynolds) from the hospital and has him at home trying to learn all her cats’ names. But what is Nurse Whitley’s (Kim Coles) endgame here? Almost 2,000 viewers have some theories.

DOOL: Talk-To

Oh, she’s just a lonely cat lady 5% speculate. Don’t you know a pathetic, mean-spirited cliché when you see one? She has no one to babble to, so she borrowed Abe to keep her company. She’s introduced him to her cats. But they’re not even alive. Nurse Whitley needs somebody with a heartbeat.

DAYS Spoilers: Deal or No Deal

Who knows what crimes Nurse Whitley has committed in the past? She might be one of those health professionals who enjoys turning off people’s life support. Maybe the walls are closing in on her, she expects the cops to come knocking at her door at any moment…and she wants a bargaining chip to hold onto her freedom. For 35% of you, Mayor Abe is her insurance policy to keep from going to prison. Why should she be different from anyone else in Salem? They all have powerful friends to wipe their sins away. She wants one of those, too.

Days of our Lives: Mixed Nuts

It’s nothing that complicated, a majority 60% of the audience has speculated. She’s just plain old garden-variety nuts. Abe mistook her for Paulina (Jackée Harry), so Nurse Whitley thought, “Yeah, sure, I’m Paulina. why not?” Sure, she’s lonely. Sure, she’s got a pile of unpaid bills that a ransom for the mayor could help make smaller. But we don’t think Nurse Whitley has it together enough to kidnap Abe for either of those reasons. We predict she doesn’t know why she does what she does, beyond just the impulse to do it. In other words: Nuts.

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