December 11, 2023

Netflix users baffled by plans to remove Arrested Development for good


Netflix users have been left baffled by a forthcoming removal from the service.

Recently, several titles labelled “Netflix Originals” have been taken down, leading to confusion among viewers.

Each month, Netflix quietly removes several of these films and TV shows, some of which are not widely streamed.

However, the removal of Lilyhammer and Hemlock Grove, two of Netflix’s first-ever Original projects, caused anger among subscribers.

Netflix was able to reverse Lilyhammer’s removal, much to the happiness of lead star Steven Van Zandt, but due to the expiration of a licencing deal with another of Hemlock Grove’s distributors, that series was taken down.

Now, users are concened by the realisation that Arrested Development will be removed.

While the removal of the sitcom’s first three seasons may be understandable, considering they aired on Fox, it’s the fact that season four and five will also be leaving that is angering many.

This is because Netflix picked up the show after Fox axed it back in 2013, which no doubt was the reason many signed up to the service in the first place.

Fortunately for those who have a burning desire to watch the fourth season, it is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray, or rent on Prime Video.

However, users will no longer be able to watch the controversial remixed version titled Fateful Consequences, released in 2018, that recut the series in chronological order.

‘Arrested Development’ is leaving Netflix – but where will season five be available to stream?

(Jacob Stolworthy)

Additionally, if completists want to finish the series, and watch season five, it is currently unavailable to stream or buy anywhere else, so you have until 14 March to watch it.

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Season five didn’t fare so well critically, and many fans of the show’s earlier seasons are now rushing to complete the show before it’s removed.

”Hmm I never watched season 5 of Arrested Development. Thinking I should before it leaves,” one user wrote, with another adding: “I’ve been putting off watching the second half of season 5 of Arrested Development for years bc I was sad and didn’t want it to be the end but I guess I’ll be binge rewatching the whole show before it leaves Netflix now…”

Another user wrote: “Trying to figure out if I hate myself enough to finish season 5 of Arrested Development.”

The Independent has contacted Netflix for comment.

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