September 24, 2023

My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Surprises With Stain’s Perfect Comeback


My Hero Academia has been getting closer to the climax of the final fight between All Might and All For One, and the final moments from the newest chapter of the manga has surprised with Hero Killer Stain’s perfect comeback to the series! All Might has been in the middle of his final conflict against his greatest villain as he has been pulling out all kinds of tricks in order to slow down All For One before the villain can interfere in Izuku Midoriya’s fight with Tomura Shigaraki. It’s been a much easier said task than done, as fans expected however. 

My Hero Academia‘s recent chapters have shown how All Might’s lessons from watching Class 1-A’s young heroes in action have done enough to help him keep up with All For One’s growing power, but he’s getting far more desperate as the villain seems to be getting even younger and stronger with each passing moment. But while he was out of options, he’s gotten some surprise help from Stain, who’s popped up on the battlefield to hold down All For One with his quirk. 

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Why Stain Returns in My Hero Academia Chapter 400

When we last had seen Stain, he was giving All Might a pep talk when the former Number One hero was feeling like he let Deku down. Stain helped inspire All Might to become the kind of figurehead that he used to be, and the villain revealed that he still felt like All Might was the embodiment of heroism he was before. This has been put to the test in My Hero Academia Chapter 400 as All Might’s suit of armor and tricks has been worn down to its final components as All For One is only getting stronger. 

As All Might tries his best to pull off whatever final move he has planned, he was caught by surprise in the fact that All For One’s quirk is still rewinding his body but the villain can’t fight back as he realizes he can’t move. It’s then revealed that Stain has come to the battlefield and licked one of All For One’s bloodstains to freeze the villain in place. Urging All Might to use this opportunity for one final attack, the former Number One hero and bloodthirsty villain now have a real shot at defeating All For One. 

What do you think of Stain’s comeback in the newest My Hero Academia chapter? Will he be able to help All Might clench a victory? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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