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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2) Episodes 3 & 4: Recap & Ending Explained – Does Rudeus decide to go to university?


Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2) Episodes 3 & 4: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a show that isn’t afraid to delve deep into sex and all that comes with it, which isn’t a surprise since the main character is unashamed pervert, and sometimes downright creepy. What comes as a surprise is how the anime is even willing to explore the impact that sex followed immediately by betrayal has on Rudeus physically, as we’ve already seen it impact him tremendously emotionally. He, unfortunately, suffers from erectile dysfunction, and he doesn’t find an answer to it by the end of the third episode, instead effectively running away from his problems, and not for the first time.

Rudeus shoots himself in the foot this time with regard to what he says about Sara, and while his actions cast him in a negative light, there is some room for sympathy. Again, not for the first time, he’s a deeply traumatized person with several deep–seated issues, and there’s no easy fix for such things, as reiterated in this episode. Rudeus is trying to do better, and in many ways, he is, but at the end of the day, he is only human and makes mistakes. As evidenced by his second chance through reincarnation, he is actively learning from these mistakes and is definitely a better person than what he was in his first life in Japan.

As viewers would have realized by now, this is a slow-burn anime, taking its time with its story, setting, characters, worldbuilding, and more. The light novel series it adapts contain a staggering twenty – six volumes, and we’re still at Volume 7. Some key players moving forward made a cameo appearance in episode 4 as Rudeus changes locations and seems to have left behind the adventurer life for now.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2) Episode 3 “Abrupt Approach” Recap:

Opening with a scene of Counter Arrow and Rudeus celebrating another successful quest completion, the episode then shows us that Sara has gotten much closer to Rudeus as well after he rescued her in the last episode. This is also noted by Rudeus in his internal monologue, as is the fact that Sara gets a little down and seemingly jealous when Rudeus praises Roxy, his magic master. Sara also fills Rudeus in on her family history and mentions the need to buy a new short sword to complement her archery. She uses this as an opportunity to ask him out on a shopping date, which Rudeus accepts, and the two spend the day together and have a great time.

Later on, at night, the two are drinking at a bar, and Sara is a little tipsy, saying that she always ends up drinking more when Rudeus is around, perhaps owing to feeling safe and relaxed around him. She suggests heading to his room, which they do, and she admits she wants to have sex with him. It doesn’t take long for the two to get naked from there, and although Rudeus is initially hesitant throughout the evening, he agrees so as to move on from Eris. Unfortunately, he suffers from erectile dysfunction here, and Sara runs away out of embarrassment, but not before saying that she was only sleeping with him out of obligation to his saving rather than having any feelings for him. This depresses Rudeus, and he is later seen drinking at a bar.

At the bar, Soldat, the leader of Stepped Leader, resumes taunting Rudeus as he had in the last episode, but this time Rudeus finally snaps, beating him up in a drunken stupor while also venting his fears and insecurities. After being chided by one of his party members, Soldat earnestly apologizes to Rudeus and hears him out. To help Rudeus, he suggests going to a brothel where Rudeus can hook up with a prostitute, which could aid in his current situation. The two do that, as Soldat has figured out that Rudeus’s issues seem to be due to some lingering subconscious feelings for Eris.

Meeting a nice, kind, and polite prostitute by the name of Elise doesn’t cure his erectile dysfunction either, despite the best efforts of both parties. Everyone later sits and discusses this, and Elise has come to believe that Rudeus cannot sleep with a woman, any woman, owing to a fear of being rejected by them. On their way back, Soldat further theorizes Rudeus, in light of all these issues, actually needs some sort of variety along with forming a deep emotional connection with a woman before proceeding to a physical relationship. Rudeus, though, begins a drunken rant about how he doesn’t even like Sara, mocking her, the time they spent together, and her overall part in his life.

Yumi Uchiyama in Letter of Invitation (2023)

Unfortunately, Sara and Suzanne are within earshot and hear all of it. Sara is understandably furious and sad, slapping Rudeus, throwing the dagger they bought together at his feet, and storming off. Even Suzanne is shaken by what she hears and tells Rudeus that he went too far. Heartbroken, Rudeus tries to kill himself with that very dagger, but Soldat stops him from doing so immediately. He also offers to let Rudeus join him and his party, Stepped Ladder, in clearing a labyrinth in the Duchy of Neris. In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that Elinalise, formerly of Paul and Zenith’s adventuring party, has discovered that Rudeus has gone to the north as she has been searching for him.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2) Episode 4 “Letter of Invitation” Recap:

Opening with a shot of a blizzard in a forest, the episode then sees Rudeus, still in a party with Stepped Leader, use his magic to scout for their target: a red dragon. Instead of the dragon, though, he sees a pack of ten Luster Grizzlies heading right for them, obscuring the sky with snow dust. He uses his earth magic to trap them while the others attack, and just as it seems like everything is going well, the red dragon shows up.

Explaining that he couldn’t see the dragon owing to the snow dust, Rudeus sees Soldat order a full retreat. Rudeus volunteers to provide smoke cover for the others to escape and ends up engaging the dragon in battle, taking it out by himself using earth magic. Later, the others praise him, but he is his usual humble self, and Soldat offers him a permanent spot in the party, but Rudeus refuses, still wanting to find his mother Zenith by spreading his name as was his original plan. It has been two years since he’s been adventuring with Stepped Leader. Taking a break after working out, the inn he’s at sees Elinalise enter and introduce herself to him as Paul’s former party member, as well as a friend of Roxy’s. Elinalise is clearly attracted to him, and she is very forward with him, but then she sees the pendant that Sylphie had given him and backs off, brushing it off as not wanting to be Paul’s daughter–in–law.

Getting down to business, she explains she knows Zenith’s current location, which is the Begaritt Continent in the Labyrinth City of Rapan. Going there would take over a year, not to mention winter is about to come, so he is staying where he is, given that Zenith seems to be fine. Roxy is helping out as well, which seems to reassure Rudeus. During this period, he also discovers Elinalise’s promiscuous nature as he sees her have sex with many men, including most of Stepped Leader, over time. He is a little frustrated that he can’t join in because of his ED, and it is also revealed that Elinalise pays the men she sleeps with not to fall for her – essentially using them as prostitutes.

Later on, Rudeus gets a letter from Jinas, the Vice Principal of the Ranoa University of Magic, inviting him to join them as a special student owing to his immense magic skills and fame as Quagmire. Being a special student exempts him from several school matters and allows him unique privileges. Confirming the authenticity of the letter while also gathering more information from one of the Stepped Leader members, Rudeus remembers he initially worked as Eris’s private tutor because of wanting to earn money for himself and Sylphie to attend the same university. Elinalise encourages him to go as well, but Rudeus decides to make keep searching for Zenith, his priority.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Season 2) Episode 4 “Letter of Invitation” Ending Explained:

Does Rudeus decide to go to university?

Later that night, Rudeus has a dream where the Human–God appears to him after two years, and he chides him for not appearing when he asks for help with finding Zenith, only for the Human–God to claim he has his own circumstances too. Rudeus expresses a desire to reunite with Roxy as well, but the Human – God asks if he’s really okay to let Roxy see him currently when he hasn’t grown stronger magically and with his ED.

Suggesting that Rudeus go to the University of Magic in Ranoa, he then says that he would regret going to Begaritt Continent in search of Zenith. Rudeus also expresses a desire to relax since his family has been found, and the Human – God formally gives his advice: go to the university and investigate the Teleportation Incident in Fittoa. He also promises that his ED with getting cured and the dream will end.

Saying his goodbyes with Stepped Leader, Sol is a little put off by Rudeus leaving, but they promise to meet up and party together in Ranoa eventually. Thanking Sol, Rudeus, and Elinalise set out for Ranoa. The ending credits feature cameo appearances for all the characters set to appear in the upcoming arc, including Ariel, Luke, Sylphie/Fitz from Episode 0, and other new characters.

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