June 6, 2023

Mum gets utterly rinsed by parents saying the same thing after she shares the ‘fun, cool’ buy she clocked online


A MUM has been slammed on social media for sharing the ‘fun’ summer buy she came across for her kids.

The woman thought it was perfect to keep the kids cool during summer – but many parents agree it’s the perfect buy if you want a trip to A&E.


The mum thought she found the perfect buy to keep the kids entertained through the summer holidaysCredit: Getty
However, many claimed the attachment would result in broken bones


However, many claimed the attachment would result in broken bonesCredit: Amazon

Sharing the Amazon find on the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains, she wrote: “Spotted on Amazon!

“It’s an attachment for round trampoline, 12ft is cheapest!

“Something for the kiddies to have fun and keep cool.”

The hoses are attached to a trampoline safety net and spray water from the top.

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The mum thought it was the perfect buy to snap up in time for the summer holidays, and we can see why, but some parents had safety concerns.

Despite the safety net, many claimed it would result in broken bones – with some parents claiming it already had.

The post has gone viral on the group, receiving over 400 likes and over 2,300 comments.

One person wrote: “Jesus I’m glad mine have outgrown their trampoline, plenty of hrs spent in A&E without a sprinkler, good luck folks!”

Another commented: “Yeah cos a slippery wet trampoline is a great bloody idea….. especially when you have 3 kids wanting a shot at the same time ….. #6BROKENFEMURS.”

“Just seems like an unnecessary danger to me,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “Good lord no. Can’t believe this is still doing the rounds. Perfect way to break a leg.”

“My eldest broke his knee without having one of these this has accident all over it,” claimed a fifth.

Others seemed to think it was a danger worth risking.

Someone else added: “Accident waiting to happen. These things are dangerous enough as it is! But YOLO.”

“Everyone saying it’s dangerous what’s life without a little risk,” wrote another parent.

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