October 2, 2023

Microsoft Rewards users seeing ‘Oops! Looks like you’re on the go’ error


Multiple Microsoft users are frustrated with the ‘Oops! Looks like you’re on the go’ error when attempting to redeem their rewards.

Through the Microsoft Rewards program, users have the opportunity to collect points which can then be exchanged for a wide range of rewards. These include gift cards, chances to enter sweepstakes or contribute to charitable organizations.

Reports of Microsoft Rewards ‘Oops! Looks like you’re on the go’ location error

Microsoft Rewards users report receiving an error message, “Oops! Looks like you’re on the go,” when attempting to access the service. This error commonly arises when users try to redeem their Microsoft Rewards points using a device or network that doesn’t match their registered account location.

Users are annoyed by this issue and some have reached out to ask for support on community forums and social media websites.

“Starting today I am getting this error message on my phone and on my computer “Oops! looks like you’re on the go”. I’m at home I’m not in another country yet it says oops looks like you’re on the go and it will not allow me to do my rewards,” wrote one user.

“Microsoft Rewards gift cards not showing in redeem section, what can I do? Please tell me solution,” reported another user.

This problem can be especially frustrating for users who have experienced a significant number of points and are eager to enjoy the rewards of their loyalty. As a result, affected users are unable to perform daily searches, complete daily activities, or access any features within the “More activities” section.

Possible reason for the issue

According to tech experts, the reason for imposing location restrictions is to prevent fraudulent behavior and protect users’ accounts. Microsoft implements this measure to validate the authenticity of redemption requests and safeguard users’ points from unauthorized usage or theft.

“Microsoft Rewards offers are available in one country/region per day. If so, this message usually appears in your dashboard when you’re using Microsoft Rewards in another country,” an advisor said.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an official response from Microsoft support regarding the issue of users being unable to redeem their Microsoft Rewards due to location errors.

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