December 9, 2023

Michigan shooting 2023: Suspect dead after three killed and five wounded in MSU attack


Three killed, suspect confirmed dead in Michigan State University shooting

A man has shot dead at least three people and wounded another five at Michigan State University, police said.

There appeared to be one suspect responsible for the shooting who has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Images of the suspect released earlier were accompanied by a description of a short Black male wearing a jean jacket, baseball cap and red shoes.

Chris Rozman, interim deputy chief of the campus police department, said hundreds of officers were on the East Lansing campus to respond to the attack.

Students were ordered to continue sheltering in place, as he informed the community that campus activities would remain suspended for the next 48 hours.

Victims were transported to Sparrow Hospital, said MSU Police and Public Safety on Twitter.

Authorities ordered students and staff to shelter in place after a report of shots fired shortly after 8.30pm around Berkey Hall, an academic building, at the East Lansing campus.

Separately, police on Twitter reported a shooting at IM East, a recreational center for students. But Mr Rozman did not mention it during the news briefing, later identifying the second location as the Michigan State University Union building.


Breaking: Three people dead in MSU shooting

“There are three confirmed fatalities,” in the shooting at Michigan State University said police. “This is in addition to the five victims who have been transported to the hospital.”

Namita Singh14 February 2023 04:50


Police seeking additional information

Police are seeking witness accounts to help them put together the sequence of events and investigate Monday night’s mass shooting.

The FBI, also involved in the case, said informants can reach the agency at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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MSU students allowed to go home, as authorities lift campus lockdown

A gunman opened fire Monday night at Michigan State University, killing three people and wounding five more, before fatally shooting himself miles away after an hours-long manhunt that forced frightened students to hide in the dark.

Students were released from a night of lockdown after the gunman allegedly died of a self-inflicted wound. Campus activities, however, will remain suspended for the next 48 hours.

Aidan Baldwin, a 19-year-old freshman from Waterford who was sitting in a pickup truck with his aunt and uncle, told the Wall Street Journal that he spent most of night locked in a bathroom with a roommate, calling friends to check on them, monitoring news and letting parents know he was safe.

“For the first half hour it was OK, but after it got to be two or three hours, it got pretty nerve-racking. It felt more real,” he said. Responding to the reports of the gunman’s death, Baldwin said: “It’s gonna sound bad but I felt kind of relieved, just that we could move around.”

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‘Go, go, go’

Local television news footage taken during the door-to-door search showed students filing past heavily armed police outside campus buildings in the cold night air, their arms raised above their heads in an “active shooter” evacuation ritual that has become commonplace on US school campuses.

Alexis Dinkins, an MSU sophomore who was inside Akers Hall, a dormitory on campus, told the Detroit News she heard people barricading doors and shouting, “Go, go, go” as the incident unfolded.

Michigan State University students evacuate to a safe area during an active shooter situation on campus on 13 February 2023 in Lansing, Michigan

(Getty Images)

Michigan State University students evacuate to a safe area during an active shooter situation on campus on 13 February 2023 in Lansing, Michigan

(Getty Images)

As she and other fled the dorm, they encountered police who told them to go to a nearby bus stop.

“We don’t feel safe anywhere,” the Detroit News quoted her as saying as she stood with a group of students on a campus sidewalk after leaving Akers. She described the situation as “terrifying”.

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In video: Three killed, suspect confirmed dead in Michigan State University shooting

Michigan State University shooting: Three killed, suspect confirmed dead

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Fear gripped students on campus at the time of shooting

Ryan Kunkel, 22, was attending a class in the Engineering Building when he became aware of the shooting from a university email.

Kunkel and about 13 other students turned off the lights and acted like there “was a shooter right outside the door,” he said.

“Nothing came out of anyone’s mouth” for over four hours, he said.“I wasn’t ready to accept that this is really going on next door, like right next to me. It’s on my campus,” Kunkel said.

“This is supposed to be a place where I’m coming, learning and bettering myself. And instead, students are getting hurt.”

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‘Shootings took place at buildings that are publicly accessible’

The two buildings of Michigan State University (MSU) where the shooting took place yesterday night were accessible to the general public, said the police in their press briefing.

According to the police briefing at least two victims were killed at Berkey Hall and one at the MSU Union building not far away on campus.

MSU Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police Marlon Lynch said responding to the shooting was a “monumental task” because of the size of the campus.

Police investigate the scene of a shooting at Berkey Hall on the campus of Michigan State University, late Monday, 13 February 2023, in East Lansing, Michigan


“That’s part of the monumental task. We do have areas that are accessible to the public,” he was quoted as saying by CNN.

“The task in itself is that we have 400 buildings on campus and over 5,300 acres and part of the process in the response that we had is that we were able to divide and organise, to be methodical in the search process and obtain evidence and share as it comes through. But with a university our size and the areas that we are responsible for, that becomes a task.”

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Time ‘to think, grieve and be together’

Interim Michigan State University president Teresa Woodruff said the school would move to emergency operations for next 48 hours, adding that this is time intended for students, staff and faculty “to think, grieve and be together” after a “day of shock and heartbreak.”

“We are devastated at the loss of life,” Ms Woodruff said. “Our campus grieves, we will all grieve. We will change over time. We cannot allow this to continue to happen again.”

Michigan State University students hug during an active shooter situation on campus on 13 February 2023 in Lansing, Michigan

(Getty Images)

Resources for coping will be accessible starting at 9am on Tuesday at East Lansing Hannah Community Center at 819 Abbot Road, reported Lansing State Journal.

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Encountered a woman with ‘ton of blood on her’: Student recounts the shooting

Ted Zimbo said he was walking to his residence hall when he encountered a woman with a “ton of blood on her.”

“She told me, ‘Someone came in our classroom and started shooting,”’ Zimbo told the Associated Press. “Her hands were completely covered in blood. It was on her pants and her shoes. She said, ‘It’s my friend’s blood.”’

Emergency personnel respond to a shooting at Michigan State University


Zimbo said the woman left to find a friend’s car while he returned to his SUV in a parking deck and threw a blanket over himself to hide for three hours.

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Mass shooting: ‘A uniquely American problem’

The shooting at Michigan State is the latest in what has become a deadly new year in the US.

Dozens of people have died in mass shootings so far in 2023, most notably in California where 11 people were killed as they welcomed the Lunar New Year at a dance hall popular with older Asian Americans.

First responders are on the scene at Michigan State University following shootings on campus in East Lansing, Monday, 13 February 2023


In 2022, there were more than 600 mass shootings in the US in which at least four people were killed or injured, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

“This is a uniquely American problem,” Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer lamented.

Namita Singh14 February 2023 07:45

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