September 22, 2023

Meshel Laurie prasies Abbie Chatfield after public clash


Meshel Laurie has publicly praised Abbie Chatfield months after their well-documented clash over Em Rusciano‘s autism diagnosis.

In March, Abbie accused Meshel of being “ableist” and having “internalised misogyny” after the 50-year-old accused comedian Em of faking her recent autism diagnosis for “clout”.

Several months after the fiery feud, Meshel commended Abbie on her Can We Be Real? podcast in September.

On the pod, the former radio announcer congratulated The Masked Singer panellist for quitting her Hit FM radio show to shift focus to her It’s A Lot podcast and TV career.

“Seeing Abbie Chatfield stand up and say, ‘Do you know what? I’m quitting my radio show because I don’t like it’… that’s massive,” Meshel admitted.

“I don’t think most people outside of the radio industry or just the entertainment industry realise how huge that is. And it just takes so much power out of that part of the entertainment industry.”

She added: “It’s just like, what she has done is so brave.”

What did Abbie Chatfield say about Meshel Laurie and Em Rusciano?

Back in March, Abbie defended Em and even credited her with encouraging her to get diagnosed with ADHD.

“[Meshel] basically has said Em Rusciano has faked her autism diagnosis. If someone was ‘faking a diagnosis’, how does that effect you, Meshel Laurie?” Abbie questioned. “It doesn’t, babe. It doesn’t.”

Laurie previously revealed she had a close family member on the autism spectrum. As such, she “didn’t appreciate people leaping on the bandwagon for clout” or using the disorder to excuse “appalling behaviour” that resulted in “poor career outcomes”.

abbie chatfield freezing eggs
Abbie defended Em after Meshel’s comments. Source: Instagram

Many people interpreted this as a dig at Em’s tumultuous history in commercial radio.

Abbie responded: “It’s so ableist to say that you know what autism looks like in different people when it’s very different in everyone.

“That’s why it’s a spectrum!”

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