March 23, 2023

Meme Coin Star, Big Eyes Coin, Surpasses Ethereum and Theta Network Presale Records

Big Eyes

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed numerous presale events, but those of Ethereum and Theta will continue to stand out from the rest. Both presale events generated about $19 million, with Ethereum (ETH) setting the record in 2015 and Theta (THETA) matching it in 2017. Now Big Eyes Coin (BIG), the meme coin that rocked late 2022, has generated more than $25 million in its presale, surpassing mother blockchain Ethereum’s 2015 record. Read on to find out more about the alluring feline meme coin and join the presale while you can.

Ethereum (ETH)


The Ethereum (ETH) blockchain was developed in 2015 to provide a better relatable crypto platform for easier transactions, as Bitcoin was disappearing out of sight in terms of value. The Ethereum blockchain promised a more extensive, feature-packed protocol that gave users and developers opportunities to get the best out of their crypto journeys.

Ethereum (ETH) initially launched with a proof of work protocol similar to Bitcoin’s code. The code base allowed users to mine ETH tokens while they received rewards. As the protocol got more popular and DApps increased, the need for supplementary networks arose, and platforms like Polygon were used to improve the quality of blockchain services on Ethereum.

The desired move to a proof of stake occurred in 2022, as the developers moved the entire blockchain to a PoS code that promised faster transactions at lower gas fees. The move has also improved the platform’s security, as users can stake their ETH assets to better Ethereum’s security.

Ethereum (ETH) has delivered on every metric as it has profound involvement in key crypto sectors. Its NFT trade sector is the largest, with a capitalization of over $500 million and its blockchain is host to numerous Metaverse platforms and tokens, propagating Decentralized Finance all over the crypto space.

Ethereum (ETH) currently sells for about $1,671.84 on CoinMarketCap.

Theta Network (THETA)


Theta Network (THETA) is the only blockchain solution available that upgrades video quality for its users. The platform uses several DApps to increase the bandwidth available for video streaming. Edgecast, a notable Ethereum DApp, enables users to contribute their bandwidth to enhance video sharing and streaming.

Theta initially existed on the Ethereum network, where its access to the many DApps caused its success before and after the presale. The platform moved to an independent blockchain, in 2019, where it runs on a Byzantine Fault Tolerance protocol, a variation of the conventional proof of stake protocol. The BFT protocol allows for faster transactions, as it uses a small unit of validators who work round the clock to validate transaction blocks.

Theta Network (THETA) has two tokens used to run the platform. There is the non-tradable TFUEL token that runs the network’s economics by functioning as fuel, and THETA token that is used to vote on protocol changes and the platform’s future. The THETA is tradable and listed on various exchanges on the cryptocurrency market.

THETA is available on CoinMarketCap for about $1.17.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cat-meme token that sought to dominate the meme coin sector in the crypto space. The coin started its presale in September, during the crypto collapse, and is edging closer to the launch date. Unlike many meme coin platforms, Big Eyes (BIG) boasts a value-packed protocol that ensures users within its meme community access some of the benefits of DeFi.

Big Eyes’ most notable feature is the anticipated Sushi Crew project. Sushi Crew is an NFT marketplace where users will be able to create, mint, and trade their NFTs. The developers have decided to have NFT trades at no cost, thus relieving users of the enormous Ethereum gas fees, as the token will launch on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs will keep projects like a Metaverse within sight for future upgrades.

Big Eyes (BIG) also plans to host a supportive community where every user contributes to the token’s plans and has a stake in its future. The developers also plan to help newbie users with tutorials to put them through the basics of DeFi and its principles. This will help make the community more close-knit, a common feature of successful crypto projects.

The final days are here, and we expect the launch date anytime. Click here to buy your BIG tokens and join the already-growing Big Eyes (BIG) community.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




Big Eyes

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