May 29, 2023

MasterChef Australia cops hate after ‘UNHYGIENIC’ act


MasterChef Australia 2023 is coming under fire again, with fans calling out the “unhygienic” act they’ve noticed throughout the season.

The cooking competition is proving to be as fierce as ever, despite its delay in premiering after the death of judge Jock Zonfrillo on April 30.

However, yummy dishes and intense challenges aside, viewers are suss on some of the contestants‘ kitchen etiquette.

MasterChef Australia 2023 is coming under fire again, with fans calling out the “unhygienic” act they’ve noticed throughout the season. Source: Ten

One fan recently took to a Facebook fan group for MasterChef Australia to point out that numerous stars have been “scratching” their heads and touching their faces while cooking dishes — that will eventually be tasted by other people.

“Please stop scratching your hair or wiping your faces etc when cooking!” the viewer wrote. “Love this show and all contestants, but think while [you’re] cooking.”

“I agree it is very unhygienic,” another viewer added.

MasterChef Australia viewers agree that the show’s hygiene standards low

Several other fans agreed, saying they’ve noticed it quite often this season as well.

“Actually, I think the same it’s awful,” one added.

The revelation prompted several other fans to highlight similar faux pas, including licking spoons before they “kept stirring with it”. Eek!

“And those with long hair should stop draping it into the food that they are preparing every time that they lean over it,” another annoyed viewer added.

A fifth confessed: “For these reasons, I do not eat out.”

masterchef australia unhygienic
A number of fans agreed that the unhygienic acts are “awful”. Source: Ten

However, some fans of the long-running series shrugged the concerns off: “You realise the series is already finished. Bit late to be asking contestants to watch what they are doing!”

Another noted: “It’s a TV show, guys, not an operating room. If you saw what went on in most restaurants and takeaways, you would never eat out again.”

“Do you all wear hairnets when cooking for people in your home?”

Fans call out MasterChef for “disappointing” editing

The frustration comes after viewers called out MasterChef for certain contestants’ lack of airtime.

“Terribly disappointed after tonight’s episode as once again we had the situation of some ‘cooks’ not featuring their dishes at the end so we don’t even know what they cooked,” a disgruntled fan wrote. 

masterchef editing fan facebook
One MasterChef fan said they weren’t happy that not all of the contestants were featured in the latest episode. Source: Facebook

“Fortunately none of them are in the cook-off tomorrow night so they weren’t among the three worst cooks for the night.

They added. “Unfortunately because the overall series has concluded filming this situation is not likely to be corrected in future episodes.”

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