February 20, 2024

Massachusetts Lottery presents their own ‘Taylor’ for Superbowl commercial spot — Silver Lotto


Remarkably, the commercial was produced in-house at no extra cost, featuring Shane Taylor, who was simply sent for a haircut before stepping in front of the camera.

Bracken described the ad as “straight-to-the-point” and “tongue-in-cheek,” noting that while it may not directly drive sales, it’s expected to generate buzz and get people talking about the “Lifetime Millions” game.

He revealed that the ad was initially scheduled for pre-game slots but, by a stroke of luck, was upgraded to air during the game itself.

The commercial will be broadcast in the Boston area on WBZ’s Channel 4 and in Springfield through a CBS affiliate, offering a lighthearted moment for viewers amidst the Super Bowl festivities.

This approach by the Massachusetts State Lottery not only aims to entertain but also to remind viewers of the exciting opportunities available through their games.

With “Lifetime Millions” already proving to be a hit, the Super Bowl commercial is set to introduce even more potential players to the chance of winning big, all while providing a humorous break from the game’s intensity.

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