September 24, 2023

LeBron James has always been able to hit it high off the glass when it comes to layups, rebounds and blocks. When it comes to hitting the high note while singing to Diddy’s new album… not so much. The Los Angeles Lakers star posted a selfie video of him singing to Diddy’s first solo studio-produced project in 17 years, the highly anticipated The Love Album: Off the Grid.

King James was obviously a little excited about the release after a long musical hiatus so let’s forgive him for being a tad off-key. The video features James singing to the sixth track on the album, entitled Pick Up (featuring Jacquees and Fabolous), along with the caption “Man O Man!!!!!!! @diddy The ❤️ Album: Off The Grid is an ABSOLUTE FKN STONE COLD VIBE!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

For LeBron to go 10 flame emojis in on this, and all those exclamation points, you know he’s serious! He mouths along to the words “Off the grid” before chiming in with the occasional “yeah” and “ok” over the lyrics “I pick that phone up when you need me, baby / You know I’m pulling up when you feeling wavy / You gas me up ’til I’m full / Anywhere you want, girl, let’s go.”

But when LeBron gets to the lyrics “I’ma give you what you need, babe / If you let me take the lead, baby” his high note falls as flat as a Giannis Antetokounmpo free throw. Let’s be grateful the Tesla Cybertruck hasn’t come out yet and LeBron is a Hummer EV man because his piercing screech certainly would have broken those “shatterproof” windows.

Nevertheless, anytime an NBA legend like LeBron James is holding his own personal carpool karaoke session rocking out to your new album, it bodes well for sales. This should be a chart-topping debut for Diddy.

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