September 23, 2023

Kevin Costner Earned His Net Worth Through Movies, TV, Music and More – Hollywood Life

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Kevin Costner has been in show business since the 1980s, and the movie star became one of the most recognizable names on both the big and small screen. Long before starring on Yellowstone, Kevin already racked up a substantial net worth. Keep reading to find out how much money Kevin is worth today. 

What Is Kevin Costner’s Net Worth in 2023? 

The Academy Award winner has an estimated net worth between $250 million to $300 million, according to several outlets. Thanks to his appearance in countless film and TV roles, Kevin’s earnings quadrupled in size since he began his career. 

Among his highest-earning projects includes 1992’s The Bodyguard, which received $411 million at the worldwide box office, per Box Office Mojo. Seven years later, Kevin starred in and produced the film Message in a Bottle, which garnered $118 million. 

Upon landing his role on Yellowstone, Kevin initially made $500,000 per episode, but his paycheck was later increased to $1.3 million per episode, according to Variety. 

How Else Does Kevin Costner Earn His Money? 

Kevin has tried his hand at other business ventures as well. He is the main singer of the country music rock band Kevin Costner & Modern West. The band officially started touring in 2007 and has released several albums. One of the most recent records is titled Tales From Yellowstone, which features songs that represent his character John Dutton’s perspective. 

Kevin has also owned several businesses, including the Midnight Star Casino & Restaurant in South Dakota. He sold the casino in 2020. The Field of Dreams star also founded a film production company called TIG Productions. 

Did Kevin Costner’s Divorce Reduce His Net Worth? 

In 2023, Kevin’s then-wife Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce from the Golden Globe winner following 18 years of marriage. Following their separation, the former couple embarked on a messy battle over child support payments, custody of their children and the terms of their prenuptial agreement. 

One of the biggest back-and-forth topics in Kevin and Christine’s dispute was when the handbag designer requested over $200,000 per month from the actor in child support. In response, Kevin refused. However, Christine’s legal team included Kevin’s income in their court documents, obtained by PEOPLE. The Perfect World star’s earnings from 2022 was more than $19 million, while their family’s expenses during the year were listed above $6 million. The net income for the entire family was above $7 million, according to the outlet. 

After three months of arguing, the ex-spouses settled their divorce. The terms of their settlement were not disclosed, but Kevin was reportedly requested to pay $129,000 per month in child support in July — two months before the duo reached their settlement. 

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