December 10, 2023

Kate Beckinsale, 50, showcases her incredible physique in plunging princess dress


On Sunday Kate Beckinsale channeled the opulence of her British heritage by hosting a lavish Elizabethan-themed costume party in honor of her dear friend Nina Kate’s birthday in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old actress embodied Elizabethan glamour, dressed in a breathtaking pink and gold ruffled gown adorned with a jewel-embellished bodice. 

The grandeur of her outfit was complemented by a pearl-studded headpiece, as she and her guests reveled in the festivities, capturing their joyous moments with a series of photos.

Not one to leave anyone out of the celebration, Kate even ensured her pet had its own exquisite outfit. 

© Instagram
Kate Beckinsale wore a plunging pink princess gown

Sharing the cheerful snaps on social media, she playfully captioned them: “Part two of Princess @nina_kate of Camden’s birthday (There are quite a few parts).” 

In a humorous nod to another attendee, Kate added, “Also, you’re welcome for @craigminton_ in pantaloons – probably the furthest he’s ventured from his South London style in some time.” 

The celebration wasn’t just limited to her LA home, as she posted about ‘part one’ of the merriment that took place in Las Vegas, where she shone in a glitzy gold mini dress.

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Kate celebrated her friend's birthday in Los Angeles© Instagram
Kate celebrated her friend’s birthday in Los Angeles

However, underlying the jubilant atmosphere was a poignant memory for Kate, who recently commemorated her beloved late cat Clive with a touching tattoo. 

The Persian feline, a companion she’d shared over a decade with, and who had become somewhat of an internet sensation, sadly passed away in June. 

Displaying the delicate artwork, a masterpiece by the renowned LA tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, Kate revealed Clive’s cherubic face framed by a stellar design on her forearm. “This has really helped. Thank you so much, @dr_woo”, she shared, a testament to her enduring love for the late pet.

Kate's Elizabethan-themed princess party© Instagram
Kate’s Elizabethan-themed princess party

Recalling the moments when she first announced Clive’s passing, the emotion was palpable in her words. “Every corner of my home feels empty without him,” she expressed, alongside a tender photo of her cuddling Clive, who was adorned in a playful pig-printed onesie. “My heart is shattered,” Kate confided to her followers.

Her close-knit community of celebrity friends, including stars like Anya Taylor-Joy and Seth Rogen, poured out their condolences. 

Reminiscing about Clive, Kate once shared with People in 2019 about the joy he brought, especially to her daughter, Lily Sheen. Clive, she mused, had a quirky penchant for “suitcases, boxes, and bags.” 

Kate's cat was also dressed for the occasion© Instagram
Kate’s cat was also dressed for the occasion

Kate beamed, recounting how he’d quickly hop into any new box or bag brought into the house, leading them to get him a suitcase-shaped bed which he adored.

In numerous heartwarming social media posts, the star frequently featured Clive’s endearing antics, from flaunting pink nail polish to donning humorous hats, and even coordinating fashion choices. 

For Kate, Clive wasn’t just a pet; he was a loyal companion who’d been by her side through the vicissitudes of life.

While she admitted her preference for cats over dogs, cheekily remarking on the practicality of not having to deal with a “bag of poo,” it’s evident that her bond with Clive was deep and personal.

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