September 24, 2023

Jujutsu Kaisen Creator Apologizes for Season 2 Villain’s “Difficult” Design


Jujutsu Kaisen creator Gege Akutami apologizes to the anime staff for Ko-Guy’s “difficult” design for Season 2 Episode 8.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 has now kicked off the highly anticipated Shibuya Incident arc from Gege Akutami’s original manga, and the creator himself actually apologized to the anime staff after the newest episode for a “difficult” design for a villain they had to bring to life! Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 has been steadily building towards a massive event where Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto would be coming face to face once more, and the anime has lots of massive fights coming in the future episode as many curses and Jujutsu Sorcerers will be thrown into chaos. The newest episode start things off with Yuji Itadori’s first fight of the arc. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 8 features Yuji’s first fight of the arc as he’s tasked with taking on a mysterious Curse that is defending a certain point for the veil around Shibuya Station, and he comes across a giant locust curse monster that was uniquely fit for fighting Yuji. But as Jujutsu Kaisen series creator Gege Akutami shared in a special comment following the release of the episode, he actually apologized to the anime’s team for making Ko-Guy’s design “difficult to reproduce.” 

How Jujutsu Kaisen’s Creator Reacted to Season 2 Episode 8

As Jujutsu Kaisen creator Gege Akutami shared in a special comment following the release of Season 2 Episode 8 (as shared by @soukatsu_ on social media), “I’m really sorry for how I made [Ko-Guy]’s design so difficult to reproduce…It must have been really difficult to draw even though we re-did the character design…” Fans had their own reactions to how the fight between Ko-Guy and Yuji turned out in the episode itself, but thankfully the villain is only around for this single episode as Yuji defeated it with ease. 

There will be more intense fights for the Shibuya Incident as Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 continues, so now is the perfect time to catch up with it all now streaming with Crunchyroll. They tease Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 8 is such, “Team Mei Mei are reassigned to a veil that has been lowered over Meiji Shrine Station. The team splits up and Yuji encounters a grasshopper curse assigned to protecting the veil. Elsewhere Satoru Gojo encounters Jogo, Hanami, and Choso.”

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